Issue No. 11 | Spring/Summer 2019

Dirt. Soil. Both words contain four letters. But as a gardening friend reminds me, they are very different. Soil is what we prize because of its life-sustaining properties, the habitat it provides for insects, worms, microbes, and fungi that nurture the roots of plants. While the science of healthy soil has been neglected in recent […]

A Preview of Stories in the Print Issue

Happy Trails to You

Walking from the Clinton ferry to Deception Pass might not be on your to-do list, but finding routes to traverse that avoid busy roads appeals to nearly everyone. A new organization is finding ways to connect and map existing trails to make it easier to put one foot in front of the other for that […]

Avian Art Takes Flight

The whimsical sculptures of a local mixed-media artist show birds in a new light: perched on a steampunk top hat, sporting rain boots and umbrella, hovering around a flute, smoking a tiny pipe atop a lantern. See several of these intriguing assemblages and learn more about the artist. Go birdwatching without ever leaving your chair. […]

Making Cider the Hard Way

When it comes to making spirits from home-grown fruit, this family proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The story begins a century ago but came to “fruition” only recently. Learn more about the new (and only) hard-cider operation on Whidbey. From Issue No. 11 | Spring/Summer 2019 Like this article? Please […]

Flowers, Foliage, and Fun!

A visit to any of Whidbey’s destination nurseries is sure to beautify your day. To make sure you’ve covered the ground, so to speak, check out the list of destination nurseries on the island and read about three of them in detail. The lively and informative writing of “the bad back gardener” will add more […]

Run, Whidbey, Run

With over 40 places to explore—from Deception Pass to Possession Point—Whidbey is a runner’s Eden. And Whidbey hosts some of the best running events in the Pacific Northwest. Island landscapes seem designed to elevate spirits, clear heads, and soothe souls. Learn more about where and when to run. From Issue No. 11 | Spring/Summer 2019 […]

Praise for the Prairie

With its farms and barns, historic structures, and lush fields, Ebey’s Prairie is the source of Whidbey’s signature Rockwell beans and Hubbard squash…as well as a source of visual and recreational pleasure to locals and visitors alike. Farmers, advocates, and protectors raise their collective voice in praise of the prairie. From Issue No. 11 | […]

Sheltering Small

The “American dream house” is being redefined: scaled smaller, energy-efficient, closer to its neighbors, and leaving more of the land around it undisturbed. Whidbey Island is part of the trend to tiny. Local architects and homeowners reflect on what it means to “live small.” From Issue No. 11 | Spring/Summer 2019 Like this article? Please […]

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