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A Community Barn Raising for Willowood Farm

You reap what you sow. Fourth generation farmer Georgie Smith has put her heart and soul into Willowood Farm for more than two decades, growing food for Whidbey Island and Seattle. Smith is a woman of true grit and contagious perseverance who has received a great deal of support since the farm’s iconic barn burned to the ground on March 6.

The historic barn, which was built around 1880, was a community landmark that held a great deal of history and family memories. The fire destroyed it and endangered the livelihood of the family. “The barn was the hub, the nexus of all farming operations,” says Smith. It housed most of the farm’s equipment, including all their 2017 seeds, several thousand pounds of dry beans, all seven of their laboriously acquired and maintained tractors, and countless other supplies. Smith wasn’t sure in the first few days after the fire if she’d ever farm again.


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