A Fun Day in Photos at the Children’s Day Festival

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Sept. 30, 2015

The merry sound of children laughing filled the air Saturday, Sept. 26 at the annual Children’s Day Festival at South Whidbey Community Park. Program co-ordinator Carrie Monforte sent a bright technicolor message of thanks to the 46 businesses and organizations with booths, and numerous volunteers with fun activities for area children and families that made for a memorable first weekend of Fall.  “I can’t recall a more well attended Children’s Festival” said Monforte at the end of the day. “I enjoy watching this event unfold because I see so many happy people.” She added, “attendance estimates are imprecise, but the South Whidbey Kiwanis Club handed out 850 hot dogs free of charge.”

A fire truck with souvenir fire hats was stationed at Castle Park, open for tours. There were ponies for petting and riding, and children could become acquainted with appropriately sized musical instruments. The local chapter of the Red Cross stressed safety tips for the winter living and fun was had by all.

Children's Day 2015_0490

Children's Day 2015_0807

The bounce houses were among the three most popular attractions, along with bubbles and face painting. A happy child’s voice from inside exulted “this is the most fun day of my whole life!”
Children's Day 2015_0762
Tom Lindsay, the “Bubble Man” went through 25 gallons of “bubble juice” as he taught eager 5 year olds how to create giant bubble sculptures, who quickly got the hang of it and gave him a run for his money.  His pleas to let the bubbles live were ignored by children eager to pop them.

Children's Day 2015_0112
Children's Day 2015_0884

Children's Day 2015_1108

Kids queued up for a turn with the team of face-painters at the Mother Mentors booth.

Children's Day 2015_1062
A big sister voices disgust at the black widow spider on her brother’s forehead.

Children's Day 2015_0945

Larry Dobson coached young stilt walkers on the proper technique to safely lace in, then danced with protege Grace in front of the baseball field.

Children's Day 2015_1389

Children's Day 2015_1240


Children's Day 2015_1183
This young lady jumps to the sounds of the DJ and Karaoke, as her free hot dog from South Whidbey Kiwanis awaits her.
Children's Day 2015_1514
Multitasking face painted stilt-walkers speak with helium fueled squeaky voices and avoid face-plants on the lush grass, which was revived by recent rainfall.
Children's Day 2015_0962
Children's Day 2015_1218

A relatively quiet moment with play-doh sculptures at the South Whidbey Children’s Center booth.

Children's Day 2015_1672
The creative chefs from Kids First of Island County orchestrated hourly competitive pie-eating contests.  A stuffed participant signals that he is finished by raising his empty hands.  An empty mouth proves that he is not hiding un-eaten pie.

David Welton is a retired physician and staff photographer for Whidbey Life Magazine. You’ll see him with his camera and ball cap at many festivals and events capturing the faces of people enjoying Whidbey Island. 


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