A Red Carpet Night on Ebey’s Landing

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June 15, 2016

To celebrate their Centennial Anniversary in 2016, the National Park Service has challenged people all over the country to “find your park” and “share your story.”

Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve responded by challenging independent filmmakers to participate in a 50 Hour FilmSlam Competition: writing, producing, filming, editing and completing short films within a specified 50 hour time period. Filmmakers were asked to show what makes Ebey’s Landing nationally significant, and the results were described by the judges as “love letters” to the Reserve.

The competition culminated with a grand premiere of these films on Saturday night, June 11, at the “Ebey’s Reserve FilmSlam Film Festival”, at the Coupeville High School Auditorium. The audience was full of supportive community members and visitors alike who bought tickets to benefit the Reserve. Many purchased VIP tickets, enjoying a Red Carpet experience complete with gourmet catering. All proceeds of this event directly benefited the Friends of Ebey’s, who are working to preserve, protect and enhance the Reserve.

An award ceremony followed the screening; filmmaking team “Dakota Guys” was awarded the Judges’ Choice Award and team “WINOT!?” received the People’s Choice Awards. Team SOULLESS, made up of local Girl Scouts, received their Film Making Badges. The main consensus was that it was a tough decision to choose the winners, while the whole event was a win for Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve.

1 - Copyright 2016 - Whidbey Custom PhotographyCompetitors were asked to show and tell what makes Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve so unique. Many of them found inspiration in the nature that abounds within the Reserve’s 1,800 acres. This seagull was seen on the Reserve during the weekend of filming.

2 - Copyright 2016 - Whidbey Custom PhotographyAll films shown at the premiere were created from start to finish within the 50 hours permitted, with most filmmakers utilizing the full time allowed.

3 - Copyright 2016 - Whidbey Custom PhotographyOn the night of the premier, VIP ticket holders felt as though they were walking into an exclusive party as they approached the entrance.

4 - Copyright 2016 - Whidbey Custom PhotographyThe VIPs were swept onto the Red Carpet and photographed by local “paparazzi” as soon as they arrived.

5 - Copyright 2016 - Whidbey Custom PhotographyGourmet catered delicacies and all-ages-friendly sparkling juice were served at the Red Carpet party leading up to the grand premiere of the FilmSlam showing.

6 - Copyright 2016 - Whidbey Custom Photography

The VIP area was standing room only. It was an intimate affair.

7 - Copyright 2015 - Whidbey Custom Photography

Filmmakers were Special Guests on the VIP Red Carpet and anxiously awaited show time while they mixed and mingled at the party. Photographer David Stern managed to take this portrait away from the bustling scene.

8 - Copyright 2016 - Whidbey Custom Photography

The audience filled the Coupeville Auditorium and, before showtime, looked over the program, which included their People’s Choice ballot to cast a vote for their favorite film.

9 - Copyright 2016 - Whidbey Custom PhotographyAfter the films were shown, there was commotion in the illuminated auditorium as filmmakers made their way to the stage for the awards ceremony.

10 - Copyright 2016 - Whidbey Custom PhotographyThere will be ongoing celebrations and community service work for Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve during the National Park Service Centennial in 2016. Visit www.nps.gov/ebla for more ways to support the Reserve and become part of the community that protects it.

David Stern and Madisun Elizabeth participated as a team making their film debut in the 50 Hour FilmSlam competition. Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve is a place they call home and regularly find inspiration. More about their various endeavors can be found at WhidbeyCustomPhotography.com or find Whidbey Custom Photography on Facebook.


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  1. Nice article! Wondering, though, where are the photos of the winner’s of the judge’s choice awards and the people’s choice awards? We were there and wouldn’t have missed the star-studded outfits of Piper Reva and Tom Giffin of WINOT Productions, and applauding them as they accepted the award for their extremely creative film clip that portrayed the alien EB – landing at Ebey’s Landing…… In case anyone missed seeing the film clip, here it is in it’s sweet film-slam artistic brilliance. Watch for the reaction of the cow….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCGIXF1TJKc.

    Very proud of you Piper and Tom!! A well-deserved accolade!

    • Thanks for sharing the clip Sue! I’m sure they tried to get photos of the winners, but sometimes getting just the right photo doesn’t work out. We were glad to be able to share the photos and story, it sounds like it was a fun event!

    • Hello Sue! Thank you for sharing the winning clip. We loved Piper and Tom’s video and are so thrilled that they won. This article is our own inside look into the FilmSlam as film makers ourselves. This means we were on stage during the awards ceremony, putting us on the wrong side of the light to capture photos of the winners. We did try, however if you are at all familiar with stage lighting, it only works for the audience looking in. Thanks for asking!

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