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Every week I relish the arrival of Whidbey Life Magazine online. It is so well done, always full of interesting events and blogs and creative efforts. Time after time, the Magazine seems to capture the sweetness and specialness of Whidbey Island, and I am so grateful to have this ongoing reminder of all that I love about the island. I often find myself sharing articles or blog posts with friends who have never been to Whidbey, but for whom I know there will be a high resonance. -Kim Tyler

For WLM publisher and staff, reading this recent letter from a subscriber was like opening a gift. While we are pleased to bring you the best of Whidbey Island, week after week online and twice annually in print, hearing from readers is a special pleasure that never fails to thrill us.

We’ve all noticed the trend toward outsourcing, consolidation and homogeneity. Whidbey Island Magazine bucks that trend in a small but important way by employing all local talent—writers, editors, photographers, publisher—to consistently produce a high-quality magazine about local people, places and events. Think of Whidbey Life Magazine as the media equivalent of your local farmer, chef, artist, author, innkeeper, coffee roaster, brewer/distiller/vintner—along with the many others who contribute to our island’s spirit and character. The stories about local folks that appear in Whidbey Life Magazine could only be written by other local folks with a passion for telling those particular stories.

That’s why, in this season of celebration and generosity, we urge you to consider giving the gift of a subscription to Whidbey Life Magazine, either to someone who lives here on the island, someone who loves to visit, or someone who simply appreciates a lively and colorful publication about a magnificent and magical place. While the weekly online magazine is free to anyone anytime, the print editions contain stories that are selected for their timelessness and relevance to the Whidbey Island of tomorrow. When you subscribe, you will receive our print issues in your mailbox as soon as they come out.

We thank you for your support during this and all seasons.

Sue Taves, Publisher and Dianna MacLeod, Print Managing Editor

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