About Us

The mission of Whidbey Life Magazine is to support, inform, and enrich our community by telling the stories of life on Whidbey Island. By shining a light on the beauty of our landscape and the creative and inspiring people who live here, Whidbey Life Magazine hopes to educate its readers about the rich diversity of our island cultures and to facilitate connections among them.

Print and Online Editions

Whidbey Life Magazine began online in 2012, and then expanded to print in 2014. The magazine publishes a print and an online edition. Here’s how the two differ:

‘Crowdsourced’ Content

Parts of this website come from members of the community, who can submit news here, which appears on our home page (and here). Community members can also enter information about local events, which are published on our calendar.

Social Media

You can stay abreast of the latest print editions, articles, and blog posts by following Whidbey Life Magazine here:


Whidbey Life Magazine is a project of Whidbey Life Media, which is a registered Washington State nonprofit corporation. It’s also a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a nonprofit arts service organization.

Please donate to support this work. Donations made payable to Fractured Atlas are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


  • Deborah Nedelman: editor-in-chief
  • Claire Moore: graphic designer for the print edition
  • Dianna MacLeod:  managing editor for the print edition
  • Petra Martin: managing editor for the online edition
  • Emily Wandres: advertising sales manager
  • Susan Janow: distribution and subscriptions manager


  • Bill Walker
  • Cameron Castle
  • Christy Korrow
  • Deb Crager
  • Jenny Goff
  • Kate Poss
  • Marian Blue
  • Mark Forman
  • Patrick Craig
  • Shawn Berit
  • Tom Trimbath
  • Lis David


  • David Welton
  • Marsha Morgan
  • Susan S. Scott


  • Pigment, Pandas, and Perspective by Anne Belov
  • Play That Song Again by Erik Christensen
  • Sue the Screenwriter by Suzanne Kelman
  • In Search of Truth and Beauty by Joni Takanikos
  • Minding the Sky by Judith Walcutt
  • Magically Real by Stephanie Barbe’ Hammer
  • Rock Bottom Line by Harry Anderson