‘ALTERNATIVE REALITIES’ – Photographs by Osenbach and Menth

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WLM’s Artists’ Virtual Gallery presents: “ALTERNATIVE REALITIES,” a photographic exhibit featuring unorthodox work by two young Whidbey photographers. Joe Menth is a Langley business-owner who regularly pushes his own boundaries to create new and stunning work. Zoe Osenbach is a recent graduate of Evergreen College and began her photographic studies in Whidbey Island public schools. Both Joe and Zoe use alternative photographic equipment and/or processes to express their visions.

Local landscapes are a favorite subject of Joe Menth. He utilizes unusual cameras, both film and digital, and his nearly-monochrome images are expressed as smoky panoramas and through vignetted portholes. Zoe Osenbach favors trash and color. To convey this urban grit, she utilizes lo-tech cameras and instant film, then manually transfers the emulsion to rice paper.

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