An open letter from the Executive Director of Whidbey Children’s Theater

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April 15, 2015

If you could see what I see….

Right here in your community: Squeals of delight and gasps of awe happen daily in the myriad rooms and stages at Whidbey Children’s Theater—coming from actors and audiences alike! From four-year-olds shrieking with  delight at a rack of costumes and lights to spotlight them, to the whoops of joy from teen actors at the end of opening night, recognizing that all their dedicated hard-work and sacrifice has paid off. The sighs, laughter and applause of audiences add a satisfying and important final touch to experiences that WCT youth actors have while they journey through this world of performing arts.

The irony is that in this process of portraying different characters, what WCT youth participants often end up learning is who they are themselves. And that is the greatest joy of all.

“Sometimes people feel not just shy, but shy about their selves, like they need to be somebody else to matter. But here you can be yourself and not have to pretend to be something you’re not.” – WCT youth actor, age 9

“WCT allows kids to be themselves and gives them a chance to be heard. Here everyone is different and we all love that and support that.” – WCT youth actor, age 13

After almost 35 years, Whidbey Children’s Theater still rings with these truths.

Starting in the back yard of WCT Founder, Martha Murphy, with a dedicated handful of kids and parents, and now performing on multiple stages with even more dedicated young people and their families, WCT has held true to its mission to create opportunities for young people to discover themselves, through the creative process.

WCT doesn’t just produce plays and musicals. WCT programs build artists, public speakers, team players, collaborators, inventors, and compassionate, hard-working people.

Last season, WCT served over 1000 young people, awarded financial aid to 38% of our production participants, and saw enrollment of new-to-WCT students up to record numbers! We are working with schools to provide performing arts opportunities, soliciting grant support to supplement our program funding and our 57 year old facility, and rising to meet the demands of our youth population for more opportunities to participate in these creative arts.

If you value what Whidbey Children’s Theater does for the young people in this community, support us by attending this year’s Artapalooza! on Saturday, April 25. We have crafted a splendid event full of ways to celebrate and support WCT—there truly is something for everyone!

• Enjoy hand-crafted, locally sourced appetizers and entrees, desserts and beverages at the lovely Fireseed Catering in Langley. A fine and fun selection of items and experiences are available to bid on—all donated by beloved local businesses, craftspeople and artists to benefit the WCT program! Your winning bid earns you a delightful item AND ensures another series of outstanding programs for Whidbey youth.

Become a maker of magic when you purchase your ticket to Artapalooza! Please visit or call WCT at 360-221-8707 for personal assistance.

Families are invited to join the Artapalooza! Garden Party on the grounds starting earlier in the day at 2 p.m. where they can enjoy lawn games, tea and treats, peruse local art and hear the reveal of next season’s lineup.

We would love you to join us for this important event, but if you are unable to attend, please consider making a contribution towards our spring fundraiser to help ensure that WCT is here for many more years to come!

Visit for more information.

For the kids,
Cait Cassée
Executive Director

Whidbey Children’s Theater is a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization providing training for youth in performing arts for over 30 years.

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