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Sidebar-1.5x2GreenBY MARTHA McCARTNEY
Whidbey Life Magazine contributor
July 16, 2014

Whidbey Island’s summer art events are plentiful, many of them large and bustling with activity.

The upcoming Whidbey Expressions art show is not one of those. It is the intention of Gary Schallock and Randy Emmons, the creators of Whidbey Expressions, to host art shows at a slow pace and in a relaxed setting.

Even though the artists involved in Whidbey Expressions may not be included in the movement classified as Expressionism, the name of the show led me to examine the traits of that artistic period. The original Expressionists tended to distort or exaggerate reality in order to illustrate emotions and opinions. The artists involved in Whidbey Expressions have a similar outlook in that they choose not to be limited to realistic interpretation. They find inspiration using Whidbey Island as muse and filter their messages through nature using their own creative vision to fulfill each rendition.

Featuring six of Whidbey Island’s most accomplished artists, the event is paired perfectly with the latest pours from the island’s award-winning Blooms Winery.

Woodblock Print "Festival Time" (photo courtesy of the artist, Linnane Armstrong)

Woodblock Print “Festival Time” (photo courtesy of the artist, Linnane Armstrong)

Artist Linnane Armstrong has chosen printmaking to express her visions of Whidbey Island. Her style has a noted Japanese influence with a surprising addition of detailed pattern and bold color. Armstrong will demonstrate her woodblock printing process at 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 19.

Oil Painting "Blueberry Field"  (photo courtesy of the artist, Mike Wise)

Oil Painting “Blueberry Field” (photo courtesy of the artist, Mike Wise)

Oil painter Mike Wise combines bold brush strokes with palette knife applications to provide depth and motion to his landscapes. Through his artwork, familiar scenes become more colorful and engaging.

Watercolor painting "The Barn Out Back" (photo courtesy of the artist, Randy Emmons)

Watercolor painting “The Barn Out Back” (photo courtesy of the artist, Randy Emmons)

Watercolorist Randy Emmons paints scenes full of surprise. Emmons’ vision comes from his imagination, which sometimes runs a bit wild. His work is refreshing and joyful.


Jewelry by Tammi Sloan  (photo courtesy of the artist, Tammi Sloan)

Jewelry by Tammi Sloan (photo courtesy of the artist, Tammi Sloan)

Tammi Sloan will be showing her new jewelry collection. She is inspired by nature and uses enamel and silver to communicate organic forms. Ms. Sloan is tailoring her current line in response to customer requests.


Watercolor painting (photo courtesy of the artist, Gary Schallock)

Watercolor painting (photo courtesy of the artist, Gary Schallock)

Gary Schallock describes his work in watercolor as being lyrical rather than literal. His painting style is lively and colorfully expressive.

Basketweave Glass Vases (photo courtesy of the artist, Katrina Hude)

Basketweave Glass Vases (photo courtesy of the artist, Katrina Hude)

Glass artist Katrina Hude is firmly rooted in the natural world. She refers to herself as a symbol maker and is passionate about nature and its preservation. Her work in glass combines form and texture in a way that engages the viewer in conversation with natural elements.

Joining these artists, Blooms Winery will present a selection of wines including the new semi-dry Grenache Rose called “Blush,” perfect for a summer evening. Blooms will also be pouring the just-released 2012 Malbec. Of course, they will have the red blend “Poetic,” a Double Gold Seattle Wine Award winner, in addition to a selection of their finest whites.

The Bloom family members are great supporters of the arts and they host visual art and musical events in their tasting room in Langley.

A percentage of proceeds from the show will be donated to Pacific Northwest Art School. The non-profit school, located in Coupeville, generates a large amount of revenue for the island by inviting nationally acclaimed art instructors who, in turn, stimulate class enrollment. The school’s operating expenses are partially covered by tuition costs; the remainder are obtained by donation and fundraising. Lisa Bernhardt of PNWAS explained that donation and volunteer time are vital to the success of the school.

“The art school is a wonderful organization that brings in top-notch instructors. It runs on a very small budget and needs all the community support it can get,” said Randy Emmons, explaining the goal of the Whidbey Expressions show.

The opening of Whidbey Expressions Art Show is 4 to 7 p.m. on Friday, July 18 at the Coupeville Rec Hall. The show continues on Saturday, July 19 and Sunday, July 20 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Blooms Winery will be serving throughout the event. Wine can be purchased by the glass or by the bottle.

The artists of Whidbey Expressions invite you to visit with them, enjoy some fine wine and relax while surrounded by artwork inspired by the bounty and beauty that is Whidbey Island.

Image at top: Randy Emmons and Gary Shallock at 2013 show to benefit NWPAS  (photo by Lisa Bernhardt)

Martha McCartney is a poet, photographer, mixed-media artist, persistent gardener and candle-maker. She has never really gotten over not being photographed for a Richard Brautigan book cover. Currently she is learning to navigate by using her inner compass, which she keeps pointed towards her own true north.


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