Author Kristin Ohlson tells us how “The Soil Will Save Us” on Sunday, July 27

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July 23, 2014

Our “Great Green Hope” for Earth’s climate crisis lies not only in cutting emissions but in returning health to the soil beneath our feet. Thousands of years of poor farming, ranching and land practices have led to the loss of 80 billion tons of carbon from the world’s soils. Its new home? Our atmosphere.

What if we could reverse that process? In her book, “The Soil Will Save Us: How Scientists, Farmers and Foodies Are Building Healthy Soil to Heal the Planet” (Rodale), author Kristin Ohlson makes a passionate case for changing our relationship to the soil and working with nature to put that carbon back beneath our feet where it belongs.

“The Soil Will Save Us” introduces readers to the ancient partnership between plants and soil microorganisms that created our lush planet. Billions of tiny underground lifeforms—and that’s just in one tablespoon—receive carbon that plants snatch from the air and, in turn, provide them with mineral nourishment. When we support and respect that partnership instead of interfering with it, the benefits are multiple: healthier and more productive farms, cleaner air and water and greater resilience in the face of extreme weather. In addition, Ohlson shows how new partnerships among farmers, ranchers, scientists, environmentalists and food activists are changing landscapes and hearts around the world.

“Her optimism is an invigorating change from the doom-and-gloom climate change conversation we are accustomed to.” —Stephanie Bernhard in the Los Angeles Review of Books

“This will surely be called an important book. Ohlson conveys her information in the lively manner of writers such as Michel Pollan and Rowan Jacobsen, making complicated ideas easily accessible to the reader.”—Michael Ruhlman, author of “The Soul of a Chef”

“On the long list of things we have to do to fight climate change, learning to pay attention to soil again is near the top. It’s not just dirt, it’s not just something that holds plants upright—as this book points out, it’s pretty damned vital.”—Bill McKibben, author of “Earth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet”

Join author Kristin Ohlson for a reading from her book on Sunday, July 27. In addition to food for thought, we’ll be offering a flight of local wines and cheeses for a tasting extravaganza!
Where? Greenbank Farm, Farm Shop, Big Barn.
When? 2 to 4 p.m. Local wines and cheeses will be offered for tastings from noon to 4 p.m..

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