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In Search of Truth and Beauty | The Birthing of Spring

by Joni Takanikos in Blogs, Literary, Nature

It’s hard not to be hopeful in spring. It feels like the season where hope is born. Spring is the season of such continual change. It seems the least static of all the seasons. It is easier to stay truly present, watching new lives gaze at the world with force and fascination. Witnessing this presence allows us to reignite the places in ourselves that may have grown stagnant, frozen, or hidden away in the hibernating nature of winter.

What bulbs of color and bloom lie within our psyches ready to break through onto the spring field? Let’s go easy on ourselves in these beginning days of spring. Rather than rushing too hastily forward, let’s take our time to nourish these new shoots. Spring rain can be the perfect musical accompaniment for reading, writing poetry, or simply gazing out the window.

Magically Real | Paradise No (but What About Some Utopia?)

by Stephanie Barbé Hammer in Blogs, Literary

Friends – a lot of Whidbey denizens call this place “paradise.”

“Welcome to paradise,” my new neighbors (at the time) told us, and “life in paradise” is something that Coupeville acquaintances say to me all the time (of course Coupeville probably IS very close to being paradise, but I digress).

I grimace a little bit whenever I hear this well-meaning phrase. Probably because I am an ex-professor, and so I have to deconstruct and analyze everything.

Minding the Sky: Look up!

by Judith Walcutt in Blogs, Feature

I have a confession to make. I am behind in my sky-minding. Lost in a mental clutter of this and that, I have forgotten to look up — to cast my eyes physically upward — to the sky and remind myself of what’s there and how it keeps changing. I think this simple action helps me remember that, like a famous fortune cookie once said, the only permanent condition in life is impermanence. That is the one thing we can count on — whatever is happening now, is changing even as I write this, even as you read it.

If you are in overwhelm, characterized by a clouded dither of should-a-could-a-would-a’s and the paralysis that accompanies states of regret, self-doubt, and second-guessing, I suggest this one easy action: Look up.

Sue the Screenwriter || Calling All Storytellers

by Suzanne Kelman in Blogs, Literary

As a comedy writer, most of the time I don’t give much thought to the loftier call of storytelling. Most of my writing life is taken up with all the fundamental moving parts of crafting the story itself. However, it has really struck me over the last few months that there is also value in storytelling as a balm that holds great significance in our everyday lives.

When Toni Morrison felt like many of us do now, a friend told her. “This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.”