‘Call to Artists’ in Langley; deadline for submissions is Oct. 1st

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Sept. 16, 2015

The City of Langley is announcing a “Call to Artists” for a work of art to be installed and displayed in front of the Langley U.S. Post Office directly across from the Langley City Hall. All emerging and established artists in the Puget Sound Region are prompted to submit a proposed work of art in any medium.

Artists are encouraged to design the work of art to be freestanding at ground level, made of materials suitable for the Northwest. The height, width and depth of the work must consider the 9-foot by 12-foot selected site limitation.

The work must be designed to be maintenance-free for the duration of the exhibit. It must be designed with safety in mind for a viewing audience of all ages. And it must take into consideration the pedestrian and automobile traffic that surrounds the site.

The artist selected will be awarded a $1,500 stipend. The two-year period of the display will provide an opportunity to promote the artist and present the work of art for sale.

All proposals utilizing mock-ups, miniature models, drawings and photographs of existing works will be considered.

Selection Process:

  1. An ad hoc selection panel of the Langley Arts Commission members will select two works of art for final review and recommendation by the full Arts Commission to the Langley City Council.
  2. The Langley City Council will have the final decision-making authority on the selection of the artwork.

Selection Criteria:

­1. (80% selection weight) Submittal of work as outlined in this call that demonstrates unique strength in creativity and the approach in fabrication/installation that considers all site-specific safety factors.

  1. (20%) selection weight) a letter of interest that includes experience, motivation to display in Langley and a resume that provides at least two references, artist statement and description of completed work that meets the Call to Artists criteria outlined above.

Artists’ responsibility:

  1. The artist will be responsible for transportation to and from the site in accordance with timeline activity dates and will be responsible for ensuring that the work is properly prepared to meet the existing site configuration.
  2. The artists selected will be responsible for providing plaque information to be attached by the City to the work of art. The information required: artist name, art medium, sales price, contact information and if applicable, the name given to the work. The City will be responsible for purchasing the plaques.
  3. Artists will be required to claim their work promptly at the end of the loan period. Failure to do so will result in daily rental fees and removal costs being charged to the artist.
  4. Artists will be responsible for correcting defects in materials and workmanship for the duration of its display.
  5. Artists will make themselves available for the unveiling event


  1. The City of Langley will not accept responsibility for loss or damage of artists’ submission materials.
  2. The City of Langley Public Works Department will assist the exhibiting artists in placement and removal of his or her work (i.e. cranes and manpower)
  3. The City of Langley will be responsible for all maintenance and repairs from vandalism or accidents occurring during the duration of the exhibition.
  4. Photographs of artwork may be reproduced for advertisement and educational purposes. It is further understood that students and the public might photograph artwork.
  5. Works of art will be insured by the City of Langley for the two-year duration of the exhibit.
  6. Sales of artwork will be actively encouraged during the exhibition. A 20% commission on all works sold as a result of the exhibit will go to the City of Langley Arts Commission. The artist will be responsible for removal costs as a result of a sale.
  7. The City of Langley will have first option to buy on firm public offers to buy. The City shall have a month to exercise the option from the date a firm offer is made from the public and if purchased, the option to keep the work of art in place for the full two years from the installation date.

Application Guidelines:

  1. Current professional resume: not to exceed two pages.
  2. An installation plan.
  3. A one-paragraph artist’s statement and a brief artist biography.
  4. A stamped self-addressed envelope must be included if return of submission materials is desired.
  5. All images must be submitted in JPEG format (file name extension .jpg) and RGB color mode. We recommend uploading files that are 72 pixels-per-inch (ppi) because a higher resolution does not add clarity when viewing images on a computer screen. It is recommended that applicants keep copies of original images.

Applications can be sent one of three ways:

  1. USPS to:

The City of Langley
Attention: Michael Davolio, Director of Community Planning
PO Box 366 Langley, WA 98260

  1. Hand delivered to:

Langley City Hall at 112 Second Street, Langley

  1. Digital email to:

The deadline for USPS, hand delivery and digital email is Oct. 1, 2015.

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