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Creativity Café || It’s All Good!

by Deb Lund in Blogs, Literary

“It’s all good!” We hear that a lot around Whidbey. Because it is all good. But we often say those words to gloss over the times when we’re spinning our wheels instead of getting to where we want to be.

Creativity Café | Are We There Yet?

by Deb Lund in Blogs, Literary

Why do we think we’re never enough? What would we do if we were enough?

An Emporium of Arts on Whidbey Island

by Deb Lund in Community, Feature, More Stories, Music, Theater and Dance, Visual Art

Whidbey Island’s forests, beaches, rolling farmlands and quaint villages are what usually first attract visitors. But as they return for more visits—or never leave—they notice an abundance of the arts—doctors who sing, business leaders who paint, a sheriff who writes…

Creativity Café | Get in the Game!

by Deb Lund in Blogs, Literary

My mission is to get people claiming their creativity. To fulfill my mission, you have to get in the game.

A key to success in the creative arts is persistence. This isn’t new knowledge, and it’s a quality that we can develop. But it’s hard to persist at what you don’t start.

Creativity Cafe’ | Fall Cleaning: Are You Enough?

by Deb Lund in Blogs, Literary

BY DEB LUND August 29, 2014 You can taste it, can’t you? Fall… I’m much more of a fall cleaner than a spring cleaner. Fall is a time of letting go, reflecting, preparing, renewing. For me, besides the bags and boxes heading to our amazing Whidbey thrift stores, that means recommitting as a writer, writing […]

Creativity Cafe’ | Don’t Beat Yourself Up—Create with Curiosity!

by Deb Lund in Blogs, Literary

As my husband sings his way through Japan, I’m here shuttling kids around and off the island to schools, appointments, lessons, practices, performances… Their father returns on Father’s Day, and I told him to be prepared to be a father.

Creativity Café | Kayaking the Kickstarter

by Deb Lund in Blogs, Literary

Sometimes we need shaking up. You can’t do the same thing over and over and keep it creative.

I remember when I first dabbled in white-water kayaking. I’d play in the eddies where it was safe. As I got braver, I’d inch out a little farther each time, until I got to the point where I would intentionally go under to practice my roll.

Creativity Cafe | Energy follows action

by Deb Lund in Blogs, Literary

Okay, Deb. Let’s try a new tactic. When has energy follows action worked for you? (Inner creativity coaches can sometimes be as annoying as inner critics.) I roll my eyes (at least they’re open now) and consider a trip to the refrigerator.

The Creativity Café − That time of year

by Deb Lund in Blogs, Literary, Music, Visual Art

You true extroverts out there may not have a clue what I’m saying. Your dance card is full, and you’re ready to boogie. The rest of us love the idea of holidays, winter sports, celebrations, nostalgia and rituals. We live for the music, the smells, the sights, the eggnog.

Creativity Café: Kick out those ‘Debbie Downers’ and create

by Deb Lund in Blogs

Its eviction time again. I hate this part. I have to be strong, to not listen to their excuses.

‘Creating in Chaos’ at the Creativity Café

by Deb Lund in Blogs

Our creative work isn’t even on the list! This fact should horrify us.

New TBIF blogger Deb Lund encourages curiosity over expectation

by Deb Lund in Blogs

Take another look at those projects you decided were a waste of your time, energy, or money.