DjangoFest NW attracts musicians from far and wide | Welton captures the ‘djams’ in Langley

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Sept. 21, 2013

DjangoFest Northwest began Wednesday in Langley and goes full throttle through Sunday with peformances and workshops continuing at Whidbey Island Center for the Arts.

But the other side of DjangoFest is the jams that spring up throughout the five day festival in and around Langley, at its neighborhood coffee shops by day and its watering holes by night.

David Welton captured the Djams on Friday with photos that feature the die-hard fans of DjangoFest, many who have returned more than once to Langley since DjangoFest’s inception here 13 years ago. Here’s a splice of of DjangoFest life. (All photos by David Welton;

Djangofest 3a (334x500)

Paul Getty is a longtime DjangoFest participant along with Russell Leston who makes the trip from Minnesota every year with his post office “beatbox.”

John Van Beek, Portland (334x500)

John Van Beek of Portland travels with his guitar for DjangoFest Northwest.

Josh Hegg, Tacoma (288x432)

Josh Hegg of Tacoma is a familiar face each year at the festival.

Paul Getty (334x500)

Paul Getty, another repeat DjangoFest visitor, djams out at Useless Bay Coffee Company in Langley.

Django Jam 2013_0127 (500x334)

Mandolin player Mark Kominek djams with guitarists Greg McCarty of Portland and Darin Locke of Bremerton at UBCC, with bocce ball players in the background.

Django Jam 2013_0059 (334x500)

Greg McCarty gets into the djam.

Django Jam 2013_0075 (334x500)

John Van Beek concentrates on his Reinhardt form.

Django Jam 2013_0105 (500x357)

Djammers serenade the bocce ball players at UBCC in Langley.

Django Jam 2013_0091 (500x334)

Kominek, McCarty and Locke at the djam.

Django Jam 2013_0003 (500x333)

Djamers come and go during the five days of DjangoFest and the music can be heard on the air all through downtown.

Django Jam 2013_0034 (357x500)

This is the 13th DjangoFest for guitarist Paul Lavine (foreground) of Portland.

Josh and John (288x360)

Hegg of Tacoma and Van Beek of Portland stay put at any djam in Langley.

Still pleny of DjangoFest left at WICA. Here’s the info:

Saturday, September 21
3 pm | LMS | $35 | $45 | $55
The New Hot Club of America with Gonzalo Bergara
Trio Dinicu with Tommy Davy

Saturday, September 21
8 pm | LMS | $50 | $60 | $70
Headliner Fapy Lafertin with Tcha Limberger, Dave Kelbie, Simon Planting and Ryan Hoffman.

Sunday, September 22
6 pm | LMS | $45 | $55 | $65
Djammin’ in Djangley with Fapy Lafertin, Tcha Limberger, Dave Kelbie, Simon Planting, Jason Anick and featuring Olli Soikkeli with surprise guests!
3 Cent Stamp

Get TICKETS here.Visit the WICA’s website for more.


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