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Jan. 8, 2014 

It’s always hard to say goodbye to your baby, and as editor of this startup, it kind of feels like I’m letting go of a child.

Nobody appreciates the artistic community of Whidbey Island more than I do, so it’s hard for me to have to leave my role as editor of Whidbey Life Magazine. As is so often the case with non-profit companies, a lack of funds means my contract has come to an end at WLM.

Women Thinking

A.E. Marty’s “Woman Thinking.”

The past 19 months of getting the online edition off the ground and onto the screens of my fellow island arts lovers has been a rewarding challenge, and I will miss the day-to-day excitement of watching the publication grow. But it will continue to grow if you keep reading, so keep that up!

Thanks to the magnanimous support of you readers, Whidbey Life Magazine will see its first glossy print edition this coming spring, and I look forward to being one of its contributors, and also to continuing my role as one of the WLM bloggers.

Other changes also include dropping the “members only” model. Whidbey Life Magazine now accepts all Whidbey Island arts-related news and events, not just those from members.  Look for the “community arts info” submission form on the site this month.

I have to say that nothing has given me more pleasure than hearing the kind and positive responses of WLM readers when I run into you around the island. I appreciate the encouragement and support that has always been shown towards me, and I have loved every minute of writing the stories that illuminate the creativity that is inherent in this community.

L'Adieu Dans La Nuit

“L’Adieu Dans La Nuit” by A. E. Marty.

It’s been a pleasure and I thank you for your part in making this all happen. Thanks, too, to all the writers, bloggers and WLM team for all your hard work; you’ve all made me look really good!

Happy New Year, everybody, and keep your eyes on Whidbey Life Magazine in 2014!

From the heart,

Patricia Duff  


  1. At least it’s good news that you’ll still be contributing to WLM and, hopefully, we can all expect to continue to experience your unique bubbly enthusiasm. You’re a real asset to the Whidbey arts community in particular and to all the islanders in general. Thanks, Patricia, and best wishes in your upcoming endeavors.

  2. Patricia, it truly won’t be the same without you! I’ve worked for enough start-ups and non-profits that I know how it all works and it’s always hard to see the best projects, agencies, etc. struggle to make ends meet. I wish some of those wealthy benefactors out there would just full-on adopt projects, services and agencies that are really making a difference in a community. Most folks don’t realize how much of a struggle it is to have to constantly seek funding, make the case for that funding, and compete against so many others to finally get enough to make things happen for one more year. Most are working on a shoestring, breathing a sigh of relief every time a large enough donation comes in to keep things going awhile longer. I truly hope that WLM will become well established in this community, and that funders both large and small will see the value in keeping something so vital and vibrant in the the very forefront of all that is happening here on the island. We are a community of artists and cultural creatives of all flavors, and that’s what we do. WLM does a fabulous job of presenting to us the myriad of beautiful, interesting, entertaining, enlightening creations and happenings that are so abundant in our midst, that feed and nourish our souls. Thanks for all you have done and all you will continue to do, Patricia, and best of everything to you!

  3. Thank you, Patricia. Your professionalism, talent and commitment to our arts community has created a solid base for WLM going forward. I am grateful.

  4. Hi Patricia, I have so enjoyed your writings and presence in WLM. What a great job you have done! Congratulations. I wonder why it is so hard to get paid well for making art? It seems so in all the arts. And yet it is art that defines culture, and is one of the major ways we know about a culture. It’s hard for me to imagine WLM without you. You are so obviously it’s guiding star. I do hope you have a creative new direction, and hope I’ll get to hear about it. You still have my copy of Sea Stories. It obviously never quite fit for WLM. I’d like to have that copy back when you have a moment. Thanks for your support of Studio 106. We loved the day you visited and the article you wrote. Change is hard, and often quite exhilarating. I wish you the very best on your next exciting life journey.

    • Thanks very much, Phyllis.
      By the way, that feature on “Sea Stories” is coming up this month! (Finally, right.) Enjoying the book so much. Thought I’d forgotten ’bout ya didn’t you? Just saving it for the right moment.
      Look for a feature on Phyllis Ray’s illustrated nautical adventures, “Sea Stories,” by Patricia Duff!
      Thanks again,

  5. Your insights and imagination integrated with outreach and investigation have birthed a truly wonder-filled resource for the artists of our community and those that appreciate us as well. Thank you, Patricia, for your vision and leadership. I look forward to seeing where your path is taking us next. Sincerely, Kristi

    • Thanks so much, Kristi.
      You are one of those artists who add so much to the community’s spirit.

  6. Patricia,
    Well, my dear, another milestone. What you have done as editor of this wonderful entity is truly exceptional. How proud you must be (yes, you must!) of what you and the others have accomplished. Having worked with you both onstage and off, I know how committed you are to the artistic community on this island and how well respected you are in it. Congratulations – and I can hardly wait to see where you turn up next. Good on ya, mate!

  7. Patricia, you have been a wonderful asset to our community, and I am happy that you will still be with us and contributing to Whidbey Life Magazine. Your writing is inspiring. Your name is synonymous with culture and you have enriched our lives. Thank you.

  8. Patricia, you have been a wonderful asset to our community, and I am happy that you will still be with us and contributing to Whidbey Life Magazine. You have enriched our lives.
    Thank you.

  9. Aww shucks!
    Thanks so much to all of you.
    Staying busy selling and writing about art at Rob Schouten Gallery. Stop in and see me!
    And if anybody needs a writer or editor, I’m your gal!
    Love you,

  10. Sometimes a happy confluence of talent, care, knowledge, insight and dedication comes together to create exceptionally good results.

    In this case, it’s you, dear Patricia, who brought together your talent, care, knowledge, insight and dedication to and about the arts to fill your role as editor of WLM. I can’t think of another person on the island who can both perform so wonderfully onstage and also carefully line edit an article for publication. It’s a rare combination.

    I’m not the only one who looks forward to seeing your rare combination in action elsewhere soon. We’ll be right there to applaud you when it happens.

    Con amore, con brio!

  11. Everyone who has commented about has said it all so well, already. I just wanted to add my thanks for all you’ve done for both WLM and the arts and culture community on Whidbey Island.
    At least I know I’ll see you at Rob Schouten Gallery.

  12. Patricia, you are one of a kind and I am so grateful for all that you do and contribute…like everyone else, glad to see that you will continue with article contributions here and visiting you at the Schouten Gallery…Up, Up and Away! (well, not really away, just down the road a bit I guess you could say…) 🙂

    • Thanks, Craig.
      I’ll be contributing only a blog every six to eight weeks or so, in line with the rest of the bloggers, but yes, getting a word in occasionally. I’ve enjoyed my role as editor and feature writer so much and am sorry not to be able to continue to do that for this community; artists need a voice!
      Good luck with Galeria Chiropractica!

  13. patricia – as one of the many artistic cats who understands the need but just never got the hang of herding, i always admired your ability to find and focus on folks who might otherwise slip by unnoticed. we are often our own worst enemies when it comes to self-promotion, feeling like it is somehow beneath us or that if we are good enough folks will just magically find us. thanks for all you did to bring exposure and awareness of the less well-known artists and crafts people among us. like some others i often rode the wave of information without helping to feed it.my apologies. best of luck in your next venture.

    • Thanks so much, Jim. And perhaps it’s time for you to submit your story idea for a WLM feature on local photographer Jim Carroll! You do great work, Jim.
      See you at the theater!

  14. With all my heart I want to thank you for loving this community enough to celebrate it and its creativity at every turn. Please keep close. We love you back–as all these sweet responses will testify.

  15. Dearest Patricia,

    You are a guiding light on every level of our unique and vibrant arts community. The NY Times would be lucky to have such an informed and knowledgable critic and contributor! You live and walk your gifted artistic sensibilities, devoting so many countless hours and energy, taking it all in, honest and true, thoughtful and wise.

    I will miss your polished gems here, but look forward to your ever expanding horizons, feeling very sure you will be doing something very good!

    Thank you for helping us see, helping us hear, and helping us understand.

    You are a song in my heart,

    Nancy Nolan

    • Thank you so very much, songbird. We are lucky to have such a vibrant community, which includes your beautiful voice and piano. See you at the winery!

  16. I can’t believe your voice won’t be there when I open the WLM site! Yours was always the first article I read and always got everything going. Your reach was always so wide and inclusive, introducing so many wonderfully creative people to the rest of us. Thanks so much, Patricia!

    Diane Divelbess

  17. Patricia– you are the heart of the professionalism and professional credibility of WLM. I can’t imagine how it would have come into being without you and I can’t imagine how it will continue without you. But your skill set and talents are huge and I feel sure that something more appropriate to your high level of expertise in so many areas is coming from someplace we do not even have an inkling of. Blessings come in all guises. Some are called the felix culpa or “the fortunate fall.” This is your leaping off place–now, take flight!

    With deepest regards and ever in your debt-

    • Thank you so much, dear Judith. I’ve very much enjoyed working with you as you unfold the treasures of Minding the Sky; it’s been a great pleasure for me to work with all the writers here.
      Thanks for you kind words of support and I do indeed hope that this “fall” takes me to another wonderful landing.

  18. Patricia, Thank you a million times for being the shining star in our community for promoting the arts. We are the lucky recipients of your professional passion for writing about our arts culture. I will really miss your WLM posts. How wonderful that you get to leap into the next venture! All the best to you and keep on shining! Jeanne

  19. My dear Patricia,
    You forever remain a light for me in this artistic community. Your insights, your beautiful, evocative writing, your compassion, your passion, your artistry. You are a beacon and continue to raise the bar in this community. Thank you for all your words and I look forward to reading more as the days and weeks and months unfold.

  20. Hi Patricia!

    I tried to reach you ages ago, but the email address I had for you never went through…

    I want to thank you for all that you have done, both in your work here with WLM as well as your work in countless other areas.

    I have kept in touch with the Whidbey community from here in Ecuador through WLM. I love my new life here, but I still miss Whidbey and all its amazing people, like you!

    Please send me your contact info if you can.

    Lots of luck to you and much love, Lynn

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