Enjoy the Sights, Sounds, and Smells of the Whidbey Island Fair

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July 26, 2017

Did you miss the fair this year? Or did you go and want to re-live the memories? Through his photos, David Welton enables you to smell the kettle corn, hear a brass band, and see what a pig pile actually looks like.

Missy-the-pig’s proud “mom,” Coral Caveness, cuddles one of her “grandbabies.”

Missy’s 7-day-old litter of piglets shows where the phrase “pig pile” might have originated.

Threading the needle on a vintage sewing machine using the original instruction manual

A curious alpaca surveys the crowd during 4H judging.

A boy gets coached by a Davis Amusement carnie before knocking over three pins with one throw.

Alpaca agility

Proceeds from the dunk tank benefitted Ryan’s House.

The Knight Riders make a grand entry onto the fairgrounds during the parade.

A sharp turn challenges both horse and rider.

The Navy band Northwest jazzed up the Eva Mae Gabelein stage.

Chelsea Bonacello, superintendent of photography, gets a makeover with pink streaked hair.

If the ball goes in, and stays in the basket, you win a prize!

Caramel-covered kettle corn made by the barrel

A Hula Hoop contest at Fiddle Faddle Farm

Horsing around

Fine arts and photography, housed in the pole building and accompanied by soothing music, provide a welcome retreat from the heat of the midway.

A robotic talking turkey

Logan, of Oak Harbor High School robotics, demonstrates 3-D printing.

Vote early and often

Photographer David Welton is a candidate for Mr. South Whidbey this year, which is a fundraiser for the nonprofit Friends of Friends Medical Support Fund. Friends of Friends helps neighbors in need with unexpected medical bills. If you’ve appreciated Welton’s photos in Whidbey Life Magazine over the years, you can “buy” votes by donating to Friends of Friends under Welton’s name on this form.

David Welton and Kevin Lungren, last year’s Mr. South Whidbey, took part in the fair’s annual parade. (Photo by Carol Coble)

David Welton is a retired physician who has been a staff photographer for Whidbey Life Magazine since its early days. His work has also appeared in museums, art galleries, newspapers, regional and national magazines, books, nonprofit publicity, and on the back of the Whidbey Sea-Tac Shuttle!

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    • Thanks JIm! I very much appreciate compliments from talented photography peers! I hold your work in high esteem!

  1. David…this is such a great collection of our 2017 Fair. Thank you so much. Loved meeting you and getting to work with you and Gordon !

  2. Loved looking at these photos again. Superb collection. Going through serious meltdown in my little bungalow by the sea going up for sale. Had to relocate to Everett Artist Community. Back to the city life daunting. Let’s see if I can pull off being in the Whidbey Island Fair 2019. 2018 ended up being such a beautiful exhibit. Your best of show rosette by contraversial filmmaker Judge Richard Evans…

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