“Expressions” by Mary Goolsby come to Inspired Arts

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June 25, 2014

You’re invited to a very special event next Friday evening, June 27th, 5-7 pm, at Inspired Arts. We’ll be featuring the “Expressions” oil painting series by Mary Goolsby – a large series of small, colorful paintings she has done that capture the different human expressions that we findon the faces of others, as well as our own. Mary will be on hand to meet and greet those who stop by.

We’re also pleased to announce a retrospective the same evening of the works of the late Ted Basrak. Ted was a local artist, colorful man-about-town, and dear friend of my business partner Ron Roesler. Ron has put together a wonderful display of not only some of Ted’s art, but also articles and letters that highlight his heroic efforts during WWII, when he was personally responsible for saving the lives of over 30 US airmen by helping to smuggle them out of danger in Yugoslovia.

We’ll have some drink and treats on hand, and hope that you’ll join us for this lovely event to be held in the community space right behind our gallery.



  1. Congratulations, Mary. I will be out of town that day, but sending my best wishes for a wonderful opening.

  2. Oh drat. I had company from out of town anyway and couldn’t have been two places at once, but I just now saw this announcement (while cleaning out an inbox of hundreds of spam entries), and it is two days too late to get to Mary’s art showing “Expressions.” )o:
    Let me EXPRESS my regrets now, and hopefully I’ll be able to view the work of my truly creative and imaginative and expressive friend another time.
    Teresa McElhinny

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