Feeding Worms Makes Rich Soil

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Linda Good is tending the worm bin donated to South Whidbey Tilth by Todd and Teresa Spratt of BugaBay, Inc. She is showing Japanese visitors how kitchen scraps, bedding material, and moisture encourage red worms to eat, reproduce, and, most importantly, defecate. Called worm castings, the worm “poop” becomes rich garden fertilizer. Using just kitchen scraps, the worms will thrive and the garbage bill will drop.

The Spratts will conduct a workshop on the care and feeding of worms, known as vermiculture, on Sunday, May 21, at South Whidbey Tilth. The workshop begins at 2:15 p.m. following the end of the weekly farmers market at 2812 Thompson Road, located on State Route 525 between Bayview and Freeland.

The cost is $15, but each attender will be entered into a drawing for a BugaBay cedar, inground, residential-size worm bin with worms. To register, please contact Angie Hart, Tilth’s education coordinator, 707-498-9086, ah23@humboldt.edu.

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