Fiction Magic: Card tricks and tips for writers gets a Kickstart!

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March 19, 2014

After years of using her homemade deck of cards for writers, local author Deb Lund is making them available to writers of all genres through her Kickstarter campaign.

“The purpose of Fiction Magic is to help writers increase the tension in their manuscripts while decreasing the tension in their writing lives.” Lund is an author, teacher, and creativity coach who often presents at conferences, workshops, MFA residencies, and schools. “I’ve had so many people ask for decks of their own for years now, and I’m finally making it happen.”

Lund’s creativity coaching training is evident throughout the project. The prompts on the 54 cards are explained in the guidebook, but there’s also advice for the writer’s life. Ideas for using the cards, craft-related “tricks” and creativity “tips” are given for each of the prompts.

With 100 current backers, the project is 69% funded and has until April 6 to reach $7500 or Lund will walk away without a penny. “I’d hate to disappoint that many people!” says Lund. “Not only is this a dream come true for me, it’s also a way for me to help others pursue their dreams.” And that’s what Fiction Magic is all about. To find out more, go to Deb’s Kickstarter page.


  1. So excited! I’m a backer and I want my deck, so I’m anxious to see this project fund!
    Great project Deb, I can’t wait to celebrate!

  2. I’m excited too, as well as a backer who will be very disappointed if I don’t get my cards. You do not want that to happen!
    Looking forward to my cards and the celebration!

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