Halloween Spooktacular! ─ Haunted wood to benefit Rhianna Kinglet Dickson Hobbs Scholarship Fund

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Oct. 23, 2013

Kids, don’t miss the very special “Halloween Spooktacular” event!  from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25 and Saturday, Oct. 26 in Freeland.

The woods have fallen under an evil spell. The spell will not be broken until a beloved character is freed from the cold-hearted clutches of the ghoulish vampires. All brave souls, who dare to enter the haunted wood, will embark on a quest to break the forest spell.

WCT Halloween 1 (375x500) (2)

Rhyder Hobbs dresses up as one of the dark forces of the evil wood. / Photo by Richard Hobbs.


Beware the glitch of witches, a bevy of swamp monsters, a cacophony of evil clowns, and miscellaneous other creepy monsters! Your goal is to make it through the dark-side to the landing at “Vampire Central.” Along your journey you will be challenged to solve the most intricate of riddles in order to earn the tools needed to free the mysterious beloved hostage, and release the enchantment of evil on the woods!

There’s room for everyone to join in and launch this third annual Halloween woods walk Spooktacular ─ a beloved tradition of the late Rhianna Hobbs and twin brother Rhyder. This fun-filled spooky time will not only be spooky, scary fun, it will also help to raise money for the Rhianna Kinglet Dickson Hobbs Scholarship Fund. Rhianna was an avid thespian at Whidbey Children’s Theater who passed away earlier this year.

Rhianna (500x326)

Rhianna Kinglet Dickson Hobbs backstage during “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” at Whidbey Children’s Theater. Rhianna was the daughter of Richard Hobbs and Lynette Dickson, and sister to twin brother, Ryder. Rhianna died suddenly of natural causes in April. The scholarship fund honors her love of the theater. / Photo courtesy of WCT

The enchanted wood is located at 2148 Jubilee Lane in Freeland, off East Harbor Road.

Come on down and have a fun-filled spooky time, while making sure all children continue to access the magic of theater.

Call Whidbey Children’s Theater at 221-8707 or email contact.wct@gmail.com for more info.

All donations benefit the Rhianna Kinglet Dickson Hobbs Scholarship Fund.

(Pictured at top, Rhyder Hobbs gets into the spirit of the haunted woods! / Photo by Richard Hobbs)

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