Handcrafted on Whidbey, a pop-up at Bayview Corner

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Oct. 16, 2013

Halloween! Thanksgiving! Hanukkah! Kwanzaa! Christmas!


Uh oh.

Don’t have much time.

Gotta get some good cheer and some good gifts!

Slow down. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Take a breath.

There’ll be no rushing this holiday season.

Peruse. Enjoy yourself.

Buying gifts for the people that are dear to you is fun. It’s the Holidays!  Relax. Take your time. Spread some joy.

It all sounds very delightful. Now, tell me how.

The mall?

I don’t think so.

Bayview Cash Store?

Oh, yes. Much better. Local. And pleasant!

What’s up?

“Handcrafted on Whidbey” that’s what’s up!

It’s a “pop-up,” actually.

Starting Friday, Oct. 18. Handcrafted on Whidbey will sell the wares of island neighbors through the holiday season until Dec. 31.

Local farmers, all kinds of artists, publishers and food producers have gathered together to create a holiday market, along with Tres Gringos, which will offer fresh, local authentic Mexican food, while you shop. Food ready-to-eat or ready to take home! Inside at the former Star Store deli. Hooray!

Christine Maifield sets up the Handcrafted on Whidbey pop-up shop. She's partnering with her mom, Vicky Brown to create a holiday market at Bayview Cash Store.

Christine Maifeld sets up the Handcrafted on Whidbey pop-up shop. She’s partnering with her mom, Vicky Brown to create a holiday market at Bayview Cash Store. / Photos courtesy of Vicky Brown

Handcrafted on Whidbey is a pop-up, temporary shop created by Little Brown Farm’s (chief milkmaid) Vicky Brown and her daughter Christine Maifeld. Vicky and Christine have created an easy-stop, holiday-shopping experience, that will start with the hours of 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays. Shoppers will find a variety of goods there, including a locally-harvested flakey Sea Salt, cheese, chocolates, jams and jellies,  jewelry, cookbooks, calendars, sculptures, hats, paintings, gourds,  ─ you know, the good stuff whipped up by local artists and these folks:  Willowood Farm, Island Apiaries, 3Generations Jam, Sweet Mona’s Chocolate Boutique, Lavender Wind Farm, Little Brown Farm, and other producers of “delicious.”

Handcrafted on Whidbey will also offer gift-wrapping and shipping services to make it easy to share Whidbey Island’s most authentic flavors and all these colorful goods with both friends and family. Customer service!

The “grand opening” will be Saturday, Nov. 2, when the pop-up will expand its hours and days of operation. (Check WLM’s Handy Lists for updates.)

Also, look for a special “unveiling” of the market’s local, holiday-season delights on Friday, Nov. 29, the day after Thanksgiving, when the producers, artists, and everybody pumps up the festive spirit to make an excellent, spreading-joy kind of local shopping experience!

Look for these and other vendors/artists popping up at Handcrafted on Whidbey for the holidays (click on the links of the WLM members to see more):


Mary Anne Radmacher

Anne Belov

Zia Gipson

Jandellyn Ward

Kim Tinuviel

Diane Tompkinson 

Paradise Found Fiber Farm

Pat Brookes

Sandra Whiting

Susanne Newbold

Susanne Newbold sets up her fine art gourd art at Bayview Cash Store for Handcrafted on Whidbey.

Susanne Newbold sets up her gourd art at Bayview Cash Store for Handcrafted on Whidbey.

Tammi Sloan

Bruce Launer

Sue Taves

Bayview Cash Store

Cook on Clay

Little Brown Farm

3 Generations Jam

Island Apiaries

Willowood Farm

Lavender Wind Farm

Sweet Mona’s Chocolate Boutique

Also selling at Handcrafted on Whidbey will be Jody Bone, Pam Mitchell, Nancy Mayers, Clovy Tsuchiya, Jordan Jones, Marian Myszkowski, Linda Schwarz, Sharon Warwick, Jessie Lyle and Joan Littrel.

Patricia Duff is a freelance journalist and the editor of this magazine. Reach her at editor@whidbeylifemagazine.org.




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