Islanders Take to the ‘Ice’ in Oak Harbor

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January 5, 2017

For the first time this year, the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce hosted outdoor skating the week after Christmas, and hundreds of people took advantage of the opportunity. The “ice” was synthetic and the snow came from a machine, but the smiles were real, and the event was so popular that organizers expect to bring skating back in 2017.

People renting skates

The Welcome Wagon for the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce, which sponsors Island Ice. (Photo by Marsha Morgan)

People skating on an outdoor ice rink

A view of the rink. (Photo by Marsha Morgan)

Child holding on to father's hands

A little girl puts her trust in Dad as he swings her around the ice. (Photo by Marcia Wesley)

Two girls holding hands

Best friends support each other as they skate around the rink. (Photo by Marcia Wesley)

Two boys lying on ice

Taking a tumble. (Photo by Marcia Wesley)

Pant legs and ice skates

And all the cool kids skate… (Photo by Marsha Morgan)

Older couple skating

It’s fun for all ages, including grandparents. (Photo by Marsha Morgan)

Child in artificial snow

The “snow machine,” although tiny, produces a facsimile of snow and adds a festive air to the outside of the rink. (Photo by Marsha Morgan)

Adult supporting young child

“I’ve got you.” (Photo by Marcia Wesley)

Two teen boys on skates

“Race you!” (Photo by Marcia Wesley)

Adult holding hands of young child on skates

“Don’t let go!” (Photo by Marcia Wesley)

“Can we come back tomorrow?” (Photo by Marsha Morgan)

Marsha Morgan and Marcia Wesley are WLM staff photographers.


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  1. Thank you so much for the heartwarming photos of the ice rink. It is so important to celebrate the joyful things in life these days and your photos really hit my sweet spot. And thanks to the Oak Harbor Chamber. Keep doing what you are doing! Beverly Rose

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