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Jan. 3, 2014

As I write this post, the year has not yet turned, but I can feel it beginning.

I avoid revolving doors when I can, but, ready or not, I am entering a new year in a mere two days’ time.

After the spinning top of these sweet, literally sweet, festive holidays, it is time to take stock of what to bring forward, and perhaps what to leave behind.

On New Year’s Day or Eve, I make a list of what I would envision for my life in the coming year. I am often surprised by how many of those visions come to pass by the end of the year. So while we are often encouraged to make resolutions to give up a bad habit or two, I would rather concentrate on seeding some good habits and experiences. It seems that if we are driving on the road of healthy pursuits, many of those lesser habits get left on the roadside, as we no longer have room for them in our trunk of goodies.

So I am going to make a guest list of what I want to invite into my life this year, and I expect that any of those lingering negative guests will have no room at my party, and simply slink away into the night.

As I prepare for a glorious night of New Year’s Eve dancing and merriment on this lovely island in Puget Sound, I give thanks for this beautiful land I reside on. And for all of us who live here together, in a mostly cooperative spirit, inspired by the starlit sky, the birds, the animals, and the woods — this place on earth that enlivens all our days in uncountable ways — I wish you a Happy New Year filled with sweet passion and joy.

There are so many lovely walking trails, parks and beaches on Whidbey Island. One of my favorite walks is Ebey’s Landing; I think I will begin my new year there, walking the bluff and envisioning a 2014 filled with Truth and Beauty.

GUEST BLOG Joni Takanikos on Ebey's Landing (500x500)

My trek on Ebey’s Landing. / Photo by R. Halmans

The Turning

This wind moves through us
Catches on the branches of longing,
The still places we return to,
Those sighs and shudders turn
their heads to face east.
Never mind casting about to raise
the sails, because a steady wind
Underlies the mooring,
Each wind a pillow, anchoring
Our navigation systems
To the stars.

Joni Takanikos is a traveling poet, singer and a yoga teacher at Half Moon Yoga in Langley, ever grateful to live on this revolving piece of earth we call Whidbey Island.


  1. Joni dear…. you are always an inspiration and a light! Thanks for your way of putting things into the lovely framework of your luminous perspective. I’m sorry we weren’t able to come dance with you. It was a magical night, and this new year feels very fresh and full of anticipation and magic. Cheers to you and let’s see one another soon. 🙂

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