Janine Onffroy Shelley is Guest Artist at Garry Oak Gallery

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Nov. 11, 2015

Garry Oak Gallery is pleased to present the painted fused glassworks of Guest Artist Janine Onffroy Shelley.

Janine has been working with stained glass for over 30 years and it is the refraction of light through brilliant colors of glass that draws her to this medium.

Janine began with Tiffany-style lamps and stained glass windows and has developed a unique style of marrying fused and painted cut glass with stained glass. She uses the same painting technique artists used in stained glass churches and adds interesting textures to her cut pieces by firing the glass in clay bisque molds made especially for the piece.

Her art reflects the environment in which she lives and her scenes of city life from the Midwest have been replaced with her beautiful and unique scenes and colors of our island life and surroundings.

Janine’s artwork is on display at the gallery between the hours of 10:30am to 5:30pm, daily, Mon-Sun.

Garry Oak Gallery is located at: 830 SE Pioneer Way in Oak Harbor. Call 360-240-0222 for more information.

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