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The Storied Stylist | Unearthing those hidden gems in your own backyard

by Julie Cunha in Blogs, Visual Art

Several years ago, a friend (also a design enthusiast) told me about a store that sold gently-used furniture and building materials for the home—at next to nothing prices! I had stopped listening to her talking about “all these incredible deals” because I was wondering: how on earth had I missed a store like this?

The Storied Stylist: Much Ado about DOGS!

by Julie Cunha in Blogs

Years ago, when I was a program manager for a small non-profit, we were in need of a new look so I scoured the local want ads for furniture. A friend of mine told me her neighbor was planning an estate sale and had invited her for a preview sale. So guess who she brought along? It was fate meets destiny.

The Storied Stylist remembers her awakening to the deep, lush Oz of green

by Julie Cunha in Blogs, Visual Art

But nothing seemed particularly out of the ordinary ─ EXCEPT ─ when we rang her door bell, instead of the standard yellow or orange glow, it had a green one! I am NOT! kidding.