June brings Buffy Cribbs and Bruce Morrow to the WLM Virtual Gallery

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Virtual Gallery Curator
June 1, 2014

By the time June rolls around, we Northwesterners are starved for color, so this month’s Virtual Gallery brings it to you in abundance. The work of Bruce Morrow and Buffy Cribbs shimmers with vibrant hues and tales both imaginary and real.

While some people might feel that there is only room for one artist in a family, the Cribbs-Morrow dynasty would call into question that short-sighted notion. Not only has their work evolved and flourished with their individual iconographies and styles, but their daughter, Briony Morrow-Cribbs is an accomplished artist as well, with her own unique approach to creating a vivid visual world.

Be sure to visit the Cribbs/ Morrow exhibition this month at Brackenwood Gallery, as well as the Froggwell Biennale the first weekend in August, where you will find more of their exuberant work.

See the show here.

Buffy Cribbs feature.
Bruce Morrow feature

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