June Show at Brackenwood Features Cribbs and Morrow

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June 3, 2014

June has arrived and with it a spectacular show by two of Whidbey’s favorite artists—Buffy Cribbs and Bruce Morrow. These exceptional painters, known for their colorful and intriguing subject matter, are always a pleasure to encounter.

Cribbs’ new and inspired reverse paintings on plexiglass “wander in between the movements of surrealism and impressionism,” she says. Some of her delightfully depicted people, creatures and birds seem to float on exquisite floral backgrounds and patterns. Garden nymphs, fish-scaled shirts or a delightfully dappled skate gliding through water delivering red peppers are just some of the unexpected and whimsically capricious images in Cribb’s new work.

As always Bruce Morrow’s oil paintings take you on journeys, often through a western landscapes. Morrow captures the essence and beauty of a road trip along country roads in the painting “Going Home.” He loves to add an element of humor to his work such as a magpie balancing on a lasso! As an ever-evolving artist, Morrow continues to enjoy experimentation. Playing with the technique of redaction, taking off paint, he scratches patterns and texture into the paint to create the feeling of speed a rider and horse would have racing across the prairie.

The Cribbs/Morrow clan is a treasure trove of creativity and Whidbey feels lucky to have their art sprinkled through our homes, offices and galleries. Please join us for the Artists’ Reception from 5 to 7 p.m. on Saturday June 7. This exhibit continues through June 30.

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