Local Ensemble Releases New CD, “Hovhaness”

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March 25, 2016

Local musicians Buell Neidlinger, Sue Baer (of the Alder Quartet) and Sheila Weidendorf–all members of the early music ensemble, Island Consort–recently released a volume of works by the late composer Alan Hovhaness, along with Seattle musicians Roxanna Patterson and Steve Cresswell. This compilation, simply titled, “Hovhaness“, features two strings quartets, a sonata for cello and piano, and a piano trio.

The release has been praised in reviews. Of the cello/piano sonata, Fanfare Magazine says, “The ruminative opening ‘Andante espressivo’ of the Cello Sonata finds cellist Buell Neidlinger in expansive form; pianist Sheila Weidendorf is if anything even finer, her way with texture a continual source of joy.” A listener review relates, “Extraordinary! So different from the others…calm, introspective, meditative, the true spirit of ‘Hovhaness’ comes through, as well as the dynamicshe has written. These performances are Grammy Award quality… and then some.”

This album is available at Vivace Records (http://vivacerecords.com/Hovhaness.html) and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Hovhaness-String-Quartet-Buell-Neidlinger/dp/B0195LIGH8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1458927253&sr=8-1&keywords=hovhaness+alder+quartet). It is also available on ITunes (See the Vivace Records link to access!).


  1. This is hardly a review! It cherry-picks the nicest (should I say most polite?) comments about the CD, without giving its own verdict. It also ignores some pretty harsh reactions to the performances from elsewhere on the web. I read that comment on Amazon that “These performances are Grammy Award quality… and then some” – so I downloaded the Cello Sonata recording from iTunes. But at 80 years old, I’m afraid cellist Buell Neidlinger’s fingers just can’t play like they did back in the 60s and 70s. That’s not ageist, just plain common sense as anyone’s ears will soon tell them when they listen themselves. I feel I almost wasted my three bucks downloading that Sonata but at least now I’ve heard the work. The cello playing is adequate here and there, but very patchy elsewhere, overall nowhere NEAR Grammy quality, so I suspect that one of the players made that exaggerated comment on Amazon and is trying to hype up their new CD.

    Peace y’all. Tony

    • Tony;
      Thank you for your comment. Sorry you didn’t enjoy the CD. Please note that this item is a “Community News” submission, which means that it is submitted by the organization as an announcement. This is not a review written with a WLM writer’s byline (which you’ll find in the Features and Spotlight sections). – Sue

      • Thanks for commenting Buell, our policy it to keep the publish the comments provided they are civil and it’s attached to a real person. I’m sorry Tony didn’t enjoy the CD, I haven’t heard it yet but I’m familiar with both you and Sheila’s musicianship and I’ve always enjoyed having an opportunity to hear you!

  2. Dear Compatriots,
    I am ‘”in Gestation'” with your Beautifully Recorded Production of Hovaness’s musical accomplishments ~ in-depths Spontanaeity ~ Spiritual Expressives ~ Classically & Improvizationally Attuned Articulations ~ Vertical Alignments of Written Notes ~ All Resolving & Questioning Spaciousness ~ Attunements which Stimulate, & for Some ~ Comfort ~~~

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