Make fiction magic with writer Deb Lund at a class in Bayview

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The Whidbey Island Writers Association presents a class with author Deb Lund from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 16 at the Old Bayview School, in Langley.

Lund, author of the children’s “Dinoseries” of picture books and WLM’s “Creativity Cafe” blog, presents her deck of Fiction Magic cards that are designed to get writers out of ruts and on to the finish. Fiction Magic card prompts may inspire new ideas, provide insights into revisions, or move writers through blocks.

Risk it All (359x500)

Here’s an example of one of Deb Lund’s Fiction Magic cards. / Photo courtesy of the author

“For years, one of my teaching tools has been a deck of cards,” Lund said.

“It was a homemade, laminated deck with prompts that worked for any part of a manuscript from beginning to end, and any process from idea generation to revision. I wore out that set with writers of all ages at conferences, classes, retreats, and workshops. After a zillion requests for copies of those cards, I’m finally putting them together in a really cool deck with a booklet,” the author added.

Lund said that fiction writers are troublemakers. Part of their job is to create characters and get them in trouble. But they must also play the magician and pull rabbits out of hats, save heroes from certain death, and invent stories out of thin air. The Fiction Magic entries the card deck booklet are prompts open to interpretation. Each prompt contains tricks and tips.

“The tips are a bit of creativity coaching which help apply the card’s message to your writing life,” Lund said.

The registration fee for the Fiction Magic class is 

The Old Bayview School, also known as WICEC, is located at 5611 Bayview Road in Langley.

Photo of the author is by David Welton.

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