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Resources for Biking on Whidbey

by Dianna MacLeod in Food, Health & Fitness, More Stories, Travel

Those who cycle Whidbey agree it’s a bikers’ island, from the splendid scenery around every turn to the well-maintained roads to the plethora of cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants available to serve the hungry pedaler. Experienced cyclists pass along their wisdom to the rest of us and encourage us to jump on the saddle and […]

Celebrating Whidbey Style

by Dianna MacLeod in Community News, Festivals, More Stories, What's Happening

We islanders have our unique ways of celebrating holidays—and creating some of our own. Every month seems to bring at least one parade or festival that calls us into the streets, waters, and parks to cheer, march, or strut. Read the observations of one island philosopher and one “Conductor of Fun” on the relationship of celebration […]

Water Recreation Resources on Whidbey

by Dianna MacLeod in Community, Health & Fitness, More Stories, Travel

With its beaches, inland lakes, and shoreline access, Whidbey Island offers numerous opportunities for water recreation. Whether you prefer skim boarding, swimming, diving, kite surfing, kite boarding, paddle boarding, rowing, kayaking, or sailing, Whidbey is a water lover’s paradise where you’ll find your favorite way to float. For more about water recreation on Whidbey, pick up […]

Whidbey’s 4-H Youth

by Dianna MacLeod in Farming, More Stories, Photo essay, Photography, Whidbey Island Fair

To learn more about Whidbey’s 4-H youth and their animals, pick up a copy of the 2018 Spring/Summer print issue, available at retail locations on the island. All photographs by Marcia Wesley and Marsha Morgan. Like this article? Please share it.

Get your copy today!

by Dianna MacLeod in More Stories

Our ninth edition of Whidbey Life Magazine celebrates the people, places, and products that make Whidbey wonderful. Get your copy of the Spring/Summer 2018 edition of Whidbey Life Magazine today! Whidbey Island Retailers Subscribe Welcome to spring and summer on Whidbey! Dianna MacLeod, Editor and Publisher Like this article? Please share it.

A Lavender Wind Wafts Over Whidbey

by Shawn Berit in Farming, More Stories

There is a place on Whidbey Island whose very name evokes opposing images: rustic and elegant, tranquil and stimulating, delicate and forceful. From this place, one can see the Olympic Mountains, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and a landscape of pines and prairies. Some consider this one place to be the essence of Whidbey Island. This place is Lavender Wind Farm.