Mutts strut in style at Bayview Corner this weekend

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Oct. 27, 2014

On Saturday, Oct. 25 Whidbey mutts dressed up and competed for prizes at the ninth annual Mutt Strut at Historic Bayview Corner. Judges debated the merits of the costumes and tricks of the dogs and humans complete with embellishment by the entertaining emcee Jim Freeman. This annual event is sponsored by Goosefoot.

Erin Wilkie's daughters with their boston terriers.

Erin Wilkie’s two daughters with their two Boston Terriers.


#1 Hawks Fan

There were two #1 Hawks Fans

Leah Hartley

Leah Hartley holds the hoop for Spinnaker Gale


Dave Johnson turns the table as human in a dog costume

Larry Johnson turns the tables as a human in a dog costume

Larry Johnson embarrassed his daughter Kayla by dressing as a dog. He won a special prize, a gift certificate to Neil’s Clover Patch, and told her he will go in costume. We hope to see more photos of that occasion.

Double Princess Leia

Princess Leia times two with their doxy droid

They score a 4 and a 6 from the judges, emcee Jim Freeman says that makes them ten.

Judges make impossible decisions

The judges make impossible decisions

The judges confer about the awards. Prizes include 44 pound sacks of dog food and treats from local pet supply stores. Prizes were awarded for best dog costume, best trick, best celebrity dog, & best owner/dog costume combo).

A couple of clowns

A couple of clowns

The Chihuahua has to climb a ladder to get into his baby carriage when clowning duties are over.

Gail Liston and Brian Plebanek

Gail Liston and Brian Plebanek arrive Renaissance style

Koa the golden retriever and Buddy the pug accompany Gail and Brian of Vino Amore Wine Shop in Freeland.


Jim Freeman and Marian Myszkowski give an award to Leah Hartley during the awards ceremony.

(All photos and commentary by David Welton)

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