New art opening at Blooms on Friday, May 1

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April 29, 2015

Blending is important in wine, and also in art. Blending together printmaking, drawing and painting, fine artist Jamie Greene’s work deals with themes of memory, family, home and the ephemeral. Her art reflects the many layers of personal history embedded within, and often includes images of herself with family and strangers within the work. She includes text delved from her own memories, creating situations that people throughout time have experienced and can always relate to such as love, death and friendship.

Blooms Winery Tasting Room invites you to the opening reception for their new Collages and Metal Art Show 5:30-7:30, Friday, May 1.


The themes of Jamie Greene s artwork is not only personal to her, but is also rendered in a way that allows the viewer to have their own intimate relationship to it. Her work focuses on the diverse characteristics which make us all human and the idea of the home as an overarching symbol of humanity.

Jonathan Bartholick was raised with art. His mother was a potter, and his father an architect. Their home in Bellingham had a kiln in the backyard, and in his early years was often surrounded by artists. As a youth his mother, inspired by the art of Mexico, packed the kids into a Volkswagon bus and traveled for five months through Mexico visiting small towns and touring the sources of art in various regions. Over nine thousand miles of exploration left an impression on his creative soul.

Jonathan has explored many aspects of the arts, including film making and set building. While working on a landscape project he found an old rusted shovel, and an abstract pattern was revealed. Exploring ways to display it as a floating 3 dimensional object allowed shadows to evolve, then finding texture in background wood lightly colored by sponges created a piece that allows his love of natural patina and wood grain to come through. The idea of rusted metal objects intrigues him because it comes from the earth, is made into a useful object of work, then is returned to the earth, exposed to the environment and becomes a piece for him to use as art.

This show will open on May 1st, and run through June 31st. Blooms Winery Tasting Room is at the Bayview Corner Cash Store. Hours are Thursday noon -5, Friday noon 8, Saturday 11-6, Sunday noon -6 and Monday noon 5. 360-321-0515.

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