NW Crossroads Healing Retreat June 5-7

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April 22, 2015

Northwest Crossroads Retreat (NWXRR), a unique Healing Retreat on Whidbey Island of two days of engaging activities at the Captain Whidbey Inn from June 5- 7.

During two days of engaging activities  An eclectic set of holistic practitioners from the Pacific Northwest will share new ways of combining old traditions and techniques that release past blocks & pains, create clarity & focus, and enhance awareness of self and others. Attendees will experience revelations for Healing Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit and can expect to gain confidence, strength, and focus.

Courageous, openminded, openhearted souls who register for this weekend retreat on Whidbey Island can embrace moments of Spirit & grace during informative workshops, hands-on clinics, private sessions with presenters, moving ceremonies, and evening relaxation time. This getaway provides a safe sense of community to conduct a close examination of self and acquire tools that help clear, cleanse, and invigorate the body, heart, mind, and spirit. Practitioners, clients, and aficionados of holistic, complementary, or alternative therapies, modalities, and thought processes are invited to:

● explore the intersections of magical, physical, and metaphysical traditions from a variety of perspectives (from Pilates to palmistry, hoodoo to hypnosis, nutrition to Nia, art to acupuncture,
dance to divination)
● gain intuitive insight and conscious awareness of their personal strength & power
● create change by learning how to actively engage in life’s twists and turns.

Experts from diverse paths converge to reflect the possibilities present at the crossroads of spirituality, consciousness, emotion, and action. They will offer complementary insights for healing, protection, and expansion to NWXRR guests. Over the course of the weekend, all participants will access and integrate a variety of approaches that conjure Spirit into existence in their personal and professional lives.
Registration is open now at http://nwxrr.com for this one-of-a-kind
healing retreat.

About the Northwest Crossroads Retreat workshop leaders:
● David Rojas PhD, CHt (Connections Wizard, Soul Healer, Hypnotherapist) Coaching, consulting, and inner alignment technologies that empower compassion industry entrepreneurs
to share their unique messages with confidence and clarity.
● Sindy Todo (Reader, Rootworker, Money Mojo Manager) Rootwork,
intuitive bone & card readings, southern traditional folk magic, and spiritual guidance to help lighthearted professionals balance the magical and mundane.
● Jim Barker (Palm Reader) Expert palm readings and trusted guidance to help seekers gain deeper self awareness and understanding.
● Carolina Dean (Reader, Rootworker, Metaphysical Author) Divination, hoodoo, southern traditional folk magic, doll babies, and magical coaching to help openminded clients unblock obstructions and manifest the life they desire.
● Sommer Joy Alberton (Life Brilliance Coach & Nia Instructor) Nia,
dance, art, coaching, workshops, and fun to consciously develop community awareness, compassion, and joy
● Derik Kleinhesselink (Dance, Fitness, and Image Expert) Eclectic
modalities integrated to energize the body and reveal optimal strength, stability, flexibility, and grace.
● Jill Pagano ( Somatic Movement Educator) Nia, Melt Method, and a suite of integrated conscious conditioning techniques for natural, sustainable movement and wellness.
● Dr. Thomas Kim DC Chiropractor (Stress & Wellness Doctor) Mindbody medicine to help people understand the root cause of their health issues and empower them to achieve an overall state of well being.
● Susie Schroeder, EAMP (Acupuncturist & Sound Therapist) Physical,
psychic, and spiritual healing modalities that delve beyond the physical and psychological to effect deep level, meaningful change at all levels.

For more information, contact:
David Rojas

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