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Letterpress Printing: Something to Crow About

An old-world rhythm softly floats down the halls at the Ken’s Korner Shopping Plaza. It’s the sound of spinning wheels, smoothly moving belts, handmade machinery, and craftsmanship. The printing presses of Crow’s Nest Press are living history.

In 1439, Johannes Gutenberg changed the world with one of history’s most influential inventions: a printing press that used movable type. This made the mass production of books possible and led to improvements in literacy—and education in general—for larger populations. Books, once the privilege of only the wealthy, were now available to the masses. Gutenberg’s invention also led to the introduction of mass media. To say it changed the world is an understatement.

As technology marched forward to other methods of printing, the original printing presses became obsolete but were not forgotten. “I’ve been interested in printing my entire adult life,” says Marq Dean, owner and operator of Crow’s Nest Press, “I was in the newspaper business right out of college.


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