Painters Sandy Byers and Cary Jurriaans are featured in April’s Virtual Gallery

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April 1, 2014

While April showers are having their way with us, we turn to two painters of the world around us, in hopes that we can call springtime weather to us just a little sooner. Or at least distract ourselves from the storms that soak our gardens and keep us indoors.

Cary Jurriaans was born in Holland. The Dutch set the gold standard for still-life paintings and scenes of everyday life that are still influencing artists several centuries down the pike. She works in oils—with subjects that you might find as you move through your day—making the ordinary extraordinary with her use of light and color.

Sandy Byers’ work exudes love and affection for her subjects, be it a tempestuously-clouded sky over the Skagit flats or a couple of cats squabbling for dominance in the comfy chair. Rich color and strong compositions bring solidity and grace through her use of pastels, a medium that, quite frankly, has always eluded me. In her hands it sings and swings.

I hope you will enjoy this month’s virtual gallery. Watch for articles about these artists coming soon.

Anne Belov
WLM Virtual Gallery Curator

Photo at the top: “Building Trust,” oil by Sandy Byers

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