100-Word Story: Parking Karma

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May 31, 2017

Ed was inching through the packed P.O. parking lot when he saw it — an older woman getting into her car in the first space. “A-hah!” Ed put on his blinker and glared protectively at other cruising cars searching for open spots.

“Come on lady. What are you doing? Your makeup? Nails? Napping? Move it!” he groused. Finally, she oozed her Cadillac out in fits and starts. Ed gunned into the coveted, prime space. Two steps from his car, he saw where he was and realized he needed to go to the Dog House — way on the far side of town.

Chris Spencer founded the Short Story Smash, the 100-word story competition that takes place each year at WICA. You can read more about that here and here

Judi Nyerges is a member of the Whidbey Island Sketchers and of the Whidbey Art Gallery. The newest working artist at Studio 106 in Langley, she is a retired high school art teacher and studio potter, transplanted to Whidbey Island seven years ago from Michigan. She sees the world in vivid color and quirky lines, and (thanks to Sadie, Mae, and Beezum) her world is covered in cat hair.

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Story © 2017 Chris Spencer
Illustration © 2017 Judi Nyerges

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  1. This is too much of an inside joke, I have visited Widbey Island several times but never came across the Dog House eluded to.

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