Salish Sea Trading Cooperative Launches provisioning Trip to Whidbey Island Oct. 12

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Oct. 11, 2014

Sundance Bakery in Langley has formed an alliance with Salish Sea Trading Cooperative to bring flour from Nash’s Organic Grains in Sequim to the Port of Langley via sail. Salish is working in harmony with Nature’s gifts of wind and tide to sail local goods around Puget Sound. Sundance Bakery is making an effort to not waste energy in the delivery of grains to their Bakery. The first delivery of this flour will be delivered to the Port of Langley early on Sunday, Oct. 12th and Kelly Baugh, owner of Sundance Bakery, is ready for the delivery.

Locals can wander down to the dock early in the morning and welcome the crew on their inaugural trip to Whidbey. The crew includes Erden Eruc, Skipper Norm Petersen and Dominque Paccaly. ” Eruc holds the 2014 Guiness Book record for the first solo circumnavigation by human power and is the most experienced ocean rower alive”, says Salish Cofounder Kathy Pelish.

It is amazing how the folks on Whidbey Island continue to find new and more energy efficient ways of producing products on our Island. Kudos to both Kelly and Kathy for forming this alliance. Let’s support our local producers by buying their products that they work so hard to supply us.

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