Salon Bella is Going Green In Bayview Corner

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February 17, 2016

Did you know the each day in the U.S., salons create 411,000 pounds of waste? Salon Bella, located in Bayview Corner, has a very important announcement that will benefit our community and help with the ever-growing crisis of waste management and environmental pollution.

Salon Bella is proud to announce that we have partnered with Green Circle Salons, a sustainable salon waste management company, in order to divert our salon waste into recyclable materials and renewable energy. The salon is recycling everything from unused color, hair, foil and color containers. Green Circle uses hair for oil spills, the color creates a clean energy source, and the rest of the waste gets recycled.We are excited to do our part in being responsible for the waste we create and are also hoping to inspire other salons to join us in this critical journey! We hope to make a positive change in our industry and community.

Please contact us at 360-321-6030 or visit us at Salon Bella, 5603 Bayview Rd., Langley.


  1. Chelsea and Talmadge,

    I was excited to hear this exciting news when I was at your salon last week,
    and to see it in print makes it even more official…its in writing! Oh, ‘what one man can do.’…….

    Best Wishes to you both in your business.

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