Six Bowls online auction benefits Good Cheer

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Sept. 3, 2014

The Six Bowls online auction  to benefit Good Cheer is being held from Sept. 2 through Sept.16. To bid, please visit

After nearly a year of circulating around Whidbey Island, Penny Kaela Bauer’s Six Bowls project culminates with a special online auction of these fabulous local artist-made bowls with poems and baskets.

As the bowls complete their circuits of the island, you may bid to own your favorite bowl. All proceeds will go to the Good Cheer Food Bank, and winning bids will include an invitation to a special dinner and ceremony on Tuesday Sept. 30, which will also be attended by bowl artists and poets. Winners will receive their bowls at this special event, hosted and catered by Glo Sherman of One Spirit Garden.

If you haven’t yet discovered the Six Bowls project, there’s still time to participate. At no cost, you may check out a bowl to use for a meal or special occasion. Just visit the Six Bowls website at to learn more and to reserve your bowl before Sept. 17.

Check the website often to keep track of your bids:

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