Six Bowls Project: New stories/recipes

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May 21, 2014

Six Bowls is a yearlong community engagement project envisioned by Langley artist, Penny Kaela Bauer, for the purpose of celebrating community, food and art, and to support the efforts of Good Cheer Food Bank and local food producers.

The Six Bowls project started with a group of ceramic and glass artists creating six serving bowls. The bowls then traveled through the hands of six poets/writers who each created a short meditation for their bowl. Now the bowls, with their words, are circulating through the community.

Community members can enjoy a beautiful, locally-made bowl with family, neighbors or co-workers and create a special occasion and memory. It’s free to participate.

Dinah Stinson recently signed up to use one of the Six Bowls. The story of her experience and her recipe for Groundingly Good Granola can be found at

Community members, groups and organizations are documenting their experiences with a bowl in the form of poetry, photographs, reflections, videos, art and recipes. Local farmers and producers are also highlighted as resources for dishes prepared to serve using the Six Bowls. As the project culminates in the Fall of 2014, the Six Bowls will be gathered in a community event for an art installation and silent auction, with music, food and reading of the poems.

Visit the Six Bowls website at for recipes, stories, garden and culinary advice, plus details on how to enjoy one of the Six Bowls in your own home.

Six Bowls proceeds benefit Good Cheer Food Bank in Bayview. The food bank’s website is

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