SPOTLIGHT: WICA opens lobby gallery in collaboration with theater shows

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Patrons of the theater at Whidbey Island Center for the Arts in Langley will get a double bang for their art buck when they attend any of the season shows. WICA has opened its lobby to local artists and invited them to show work that follows the theme of each play.

Folks can still catch the “Paths” show currently showing in collaboration with “Becky’s New Car” which closes Saturday night.

Barbara Mearing helps hang a Sue Owens painting for the “Paths” show in the Whidbey Island Center for the Arts gallery show in Langley. The show is the first of the theater season and reflects the theme of the play “Becky’s New Car.” (Photo courtesy of Judith Burns.)

A theme which coordinates with the WICA play has been selected for each exhibit.  Themes are deliberately brief to allow for the broadest latitude in artistic interpretation. A brief synopsis of the play will be provided, however, the object is to provide the theater patron an experience of complimentary visual and performance arts; not to limit the artist to the plot or character of the play.

The shows are organized by a committee made up of local artists Barbara Mearing, Judith Burns, Diane Divelbess, Mary Ann Mansfield and Deborah Short.
“Paths” artists include John Ursillo, Sue Owen, Ginny O’Neill, Judith Burns, Barbara Mearing, Barbara Kelly, Denis Hill, Steve Marts, Jim Carroll, Karen Schroeder and Richard Engstrom. Visit the WICA lobby during regular business hours to have a peek at the show, or come see the hilarious and entertaining “Becky’s New Car.”
Artists are encouraged to participate.
Here is the schedule for the following shows in the theater’s gallery:

Nov. 30-Dec. 15 “Scrooge”
Art Theme: Winter Inspired

Nov. 30, art opening exhibit reception 6 to 7 p.m.
Deliver Nov. 26-27
Take down Jan. 7-8
Deadline for Submission Nov. 2


Feb. 8-23 “Crimes of the Hearts”
Art Theme:  Abstract and Semi Abstract 
Feb. 8, art opening exhibit reception  6 to 7 p.m.
Deliver Feb. 4-5
Take down Feb. 18-19
Deadline for Submission Jan. 11


April 5-20 “The Full Monty” 
Art Theme: Tastefully Risque
April 5, art opening exhibit reception  6 to 7 p.m.
Deliver Apr. 1-2
Take down April 29-30
Deadline for Submission Mar. 8


June 7-22 “The Norman Conquest“
Art Theme: Rooms
June 7, art opening exhibit reception  6 to 7 p.m.
Deliver June 3-4
Take down June 24-25
Deadline for Submission May 10


Send an email to Burns for more details at
At top, Judith Burns’ “Ancient Paths” is currently on display at WICA.

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