SPOTLIGHT: Sweet Mona’s needs help to build downtown ‘Chocolate Hotel’

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Here’s a personal letter from downtown Langley businesswoman, Mona Newbauer, who recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund her dream to move Sweet Mona’s Chocolate Boutique to the building that previously housed Mike’s Place. She wants to also add a “Chocolate Hotel” and classroom there for teaching the art of making chocolate. Twenty eight days remain for the campaign.

Dear Friends,

Mona Newbauer is caught with her hand in the chocolate at Sweet Mona's in Langley. (Sue Averett photo)

Mona Newbauer is caught with her hand in the chocolate at Sweet Mona’s in Langley. (Sue Averett photo)

I have to confess, one of my biggest fears is to look like I’m crazy. I mean really crazy. And I think that what I’m going to tell you is the craziest thing that I have ever done.

For more than two months I researched the possibility of me, Mona Newbauer, buying a building in Langley to house my sweets shop, Sweet Mona’s Chocolate Boutique, along with a place for chocolatier classes and a “Chocolate Hotel” right in the heart of downtown. It is the dream of 5,025 feet of empty space, abandoned, beaten down, just awaiting a rebirth.  What am I thinking? I don’t have any money. I must be crazy!

Well, I can’t be that crazy because I’ve found five people that agreed to take the journey with me and help with the logistics of the project. They are a banker, realtors, an accountant, and an architect and, in my humble opinion, the very best in their fields. Then there is me ─ tenacious, scrappy, gregarious me ─ believing in a miracle; believing in the possibility of all.

I believe in it so much I’ve started a bank account at US Bank in Langley with $1,000 in it. It’s the beginning of a fund to help Langley businesses and I’m making a pledge to you and to my community to work collaboratively to further promote Langley as the magical place that it is.

Read about the crowd-funding campaign I recently launched at Indiegogo and see what my dreams are made of and consider helping to fund what could be the sweetest project ever!

Click here to read the complete details of I Believe in F.U.N. Campaign.

I’ll either be a ball of fire or I’ll go up in flames. Either way, it will be fun to see what happens.

Sweet Mona

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