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A Story in 100 Words: Ferryboat Rush

by Chris Spencer in Literary, Spotlight, Visual Art

“Please Lord, let me catch this boat.”

Speeding down to the ferry, I pray everyone ahead of me has ferry passes.

“Please, please!”

The Oldsmobile in front of me stops just past the booth, then backs up three feet. Its window cranks down.

“How much?” she asks.


“My purse is in the trunk. I’ll get it.”

“Oh, God no,” I wail.

She hands the attendant money. A quarter rolls under the car.

“Sorry. I’ve got another under the seat.” She exits again.

“No, no!” I howl, and tearfully bang my head on the steering column.

Then my airbag inflates.

What Farmers Do in the ‘Off Season’ at Sky Root Farm

by Jenny Goff in Food, Spotlight

On a chilly morning in early April, business partners Beth Wheat and Arwen Norman burned holes into rows of long black cloth covering a newly tilled bed at Sky Root Farm in Clinton. They’ll add fertilizer and hand-smashed oyster shells to each exposed circle of soil to increase nutrients and minerals, then tuck baby strawberry plants in every foot or so. The surrounding cloth will keep weeds to a minimum.

Thoughts of such a sunny crop seemed incongruous with the cold and cloudy weather in which they were working — months before the vibrant berries would grace the Sky Root Farm stand at the Bayview Farmers Market (which opens on April 29 this year). But as these farmers will tell you, running a farm business requires far more preparation and planning than simply plunking seeds in the ground. Much of the necessary forethought happens during the darkest days of the year.