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The Envelope Please?

by Deb Crager in Feature, Film, History, Spotlight

To cast his votes as a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Lewis Carlino has watched more than 90 films this year. When asked about the quality of the movies, he says most of the concentration today is on action and special effects, but his preferences are films that rely on character and deep, complex storytelling.

”Once we lose our stories, our myths, the human experience becomes trivialized, and we become a superficial culture of computer-generated reality,” he says.

As he gets older, Carlino says he has a richer reservoir to draw from, and he finds satisfaction as his frame of reference changes and continues to grow. “Creation is what I call self-generated delight,” he says and he never tires of finding different ways to tell of the human condition.

The PBY: A Flying Boat That Made Its Home on Whidbey Island

by Patrick Craig in History, Spotlight, Travel

The 1940 census indicated an Oak Harbor population of 376, or many fewer than the island town’s cows, sheep, and chickens. But, change was a-coming, as they used to say around the barbershop and the grammar school. In a matter of weeks, work crews would be on the job starting on two planned navy bases valued at $25 million.

For any generation growing up during or after the war years, the pace of life in Puget Sound islands was noisier due to planes and increased ground traffic. Eagles and herons were competing for space in the air, and there was a swimming, flying “bird” vying for the attention of island residents that was to become the star attraction of a local air museum.