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Visit Artists in Their Natural Habitats at the Open Studio Tour

by Guest Contributor in Spotlight, Visual Art, Whidbey Working Artists Showcase

For artists, creative space extends beyond their studio walls: It’s a way of observing interior and exterior landscapes. The studio becomes a place to distill, refine, and reflect on an interpretation or move into an abstraction of an idea or concept. As you choose from among the 44 studios and 61 artists participating in this year’s Open Studio Tour, you’ll discover bits and pieces of artists and their art. Is this a solitary artist? Does this artist thrive in social connection? What inspires him or her? What do artists take with them as they begin to work, and what do they shut out?

These Doctors Make ‘Horse’ Calls

by Petra Martin in Farming, Spotlight

On Whidbey Island, we’re outnumbered; there are more domesticated animals than humans. That includes horses, cattle, goats, sheep, alpacas, and llamas as well as dogs, cats, parrots, parakeets, turkeys, and chickens. Given the island’s rural-agricultural heritage, and the passion of many new arrivals to live the “island dream” on a few acres with trees and a pasture, that should come as no surprise. Nobody keeps an exact tally, but that animal-to-people ratio is likely to grow—as will the need for healthcare for all those critters.

Whidbey has a dozen or so veterinarians who attend to our feline, canine, and feathered pets. But who takes care of the bigger ones? Only a small number of vets have that specialty, and they have some unusual stories to tell.