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A Place to Call Home: The Imagination and Influence of Whidbey Island Architects

by Tom Trimbath in Spotlight

From grand manors to one-room cabins, all kinds of houses exist on Whidbey Island. Although several things influence the size and appearance of our built structures, the budgets and tastes of the owners are primary among them. And to some extent, the diversity of island houses reflects the diversity of those who design them—our local architects.

Is there a style or type of house that represents the quintessential Whidbey Island home? Does the influence of place exert a unifying effect? Or any effect at all?

Four island architects reflect on how the spirit of place shapes their aesthetic and finds its way into some of our island dwellings.

Ensuring Beach Access for All

by Dianna MacLeod in Nature, Spotlight

Most people can take advantage of the many points of beach access available to the public on Whidbey Island (Public Beach Access Map). But if you’re mobility challenged, what’s labeled “public beach access” doesn’t mean access for you.

Those who can maneuver over uneven terrain, climb over driftwood, and maintain their balance in soft sand may never think about what it’s like to be confined to the parking lot because a wheelchair or crutches can’t go any farther.

Mel Trenor was motivated to find a solution to that problem. He’s a member of Island Beach Access (IBA), a nonprofit group dedicated to “identifying, mapping, signing, and preserving access to the public shorelines of Island County for the legal and rightful use of its citizens, for future generations.”