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Duff ‘n Stuff, Oct. 26, 2012

Whidbey Life Magazine would like to thank everybody who participated in the search for a name for the Friday guest blog.

John Olsen offered “Thank Blog it’s Friday” and thanks to him for the catchy, somewhat nerdy (but in a good way) title.

Olsen is not only a mastermind at naming blogs, he is also a photographer and a Whidbey Life Magazine member. You can see his work in the directory and check out what he’s up to lately regarding his work.

We hope readers will enjoy “Thank Blog it’s Friday” every week as our guest bloggers weigh in on everything from the local food scene to all things artistic and happening on Whidbey Island.

Friday, look for local agriculture blogger Vicky Brown, one of our culinary arts members and the chief milkmaid at Little Brown Farm in Freeland. Look for “Sue the Screenwriter” blog next week by Suzanne Kelman.

From the heart,

Patricia Duff

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