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December 28, 2016

There seems to be a national trend of polarization and pessimism that, at times, threatens to infect us here on Whidbey Island.  I’ve chosen to focus on the generosity, unity, and joy that we share, despite our diverse views and backgrounds. This collection of environmental portraits from local happenings throughout 2016 offers visual proof of our ability to see through our differences. I hope it inspires us to seek underlying goodness and commonality during the coming year.

Jim Freeman, the “Conductor of Fun,” leads the charge at the Welcome the Whales parade in April.


A toddler shares his bounty of curly fries at the Whidbey Island Area Fair.


At age 95, Peter Lawlor races down 1st Street in the 24th annual Soup Box Derby in Langley in August.


A game of hide and seek amidst the endangered big trees at South Whidbey State Park is called “Eagle Eye” by the kids.


Filmmaker Drew Christie demonstrates a “flip box” or mutoscope, which is featured in his film “The Emperor of Time” a live action short film that was shown at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016.


Boxer Steve Burr gets in some chin ups during the fitness boxing class developed for people with Parkinson’s disease.


Cassie (human), Rowdy, and Midori (parrots) at the south-end avian rescue operation that gives sanctuary to displaced parrots, who fly freely—even during cold January weather.


Even the bunnies come out the promote Mystery Weekend in Langley every February.


The Machine Shop arcade game gallery, a new place to hang out with friends, opened in Langley this summer.


Characters from “The Nutcracker Suite” dance down 1st Street for the Langley Holiday Parade.


Halloween events throughout the island, including Spooktacular Langley, encouraged community spirit.


Aspiring actress Carol Wisman prepares for her first appearance at a vaudeville revue with Whidbey Island performers.


After a story about the volunteer firefighters who save our homes and lives was published in July, 15 new volunteers stepped forward.


Local brewmaster Bob Hodges reveals all (okay, maybe some) secrets of his home brew in “Raising a Glass to Whidbey’s Home Brewers,” which was published in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of the print version of Whidbey Life Magazine. You can subscribe to the print magazine here.


Kevin Lungren, Mr. South Whidbey, accepts his trophy. The annual pageant, presented by the non-profit Friends of Friends Medical Support Fund, raised more than $29,000 in one night to assist those in need with unexpected medical bills.


Tibetan artist Kalsang Ghongpa shares her smile and colorful necklaces at the Whidbey Island Area Fair.


Patriotism is evident at the Maxwelton Fourth of July Parade. This year, Korean War Veteran Herbert Weissblum, of the Whidbey Island Marine Corps League Color Guard, led the parade.


Whidbey Islanders like to dance! Debra Waterman celebrates life at one of many street dance opportunities.

David Welton is a retired cardiologist and a Whidbey Life Magazine photographer.


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  1. These are wonderful, David.
    You have such a great eye. It is always a pleasure and a learning experience when we work together on a story.
    Thanks for all you do.

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