The Soup Box Derby Reunion Race is coming Aug. 30

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August 12, 2015

The Soup Box Derby Reunion Race is coming at 10 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 30 to First Street in Langley. This fun, non-motorized event brings some zany soapbox-style vehicles to town for a race down the hill, fueled by gravity and imagination. The race is more about having fun than winning; although a few contestants always vow to win it all, everyone takes home a custom-made trophy.

It was begun in 1972 by members of the now-long-closed restaurant, The Soup Coop, thus the unconventional name Soup Box Derby. The vehicles are also unconventional—sometimes a rolling carrot, or outhouse, slice of pizza or a banana, all on some kind of wheels driven by spunky drivers.

The Soup Box Derby has one purpose: fun. It is not about speed or performance competition. The sole reason for the event is to meet your friends, be as creative as you want to be, celebrate and enjoy life. For this purpose the rules were kept simple.

Every vehicle must be easy to steer, drivers and riders must wear a hard-shell helmet and closed-toe shoes and must be able to stop within 100 feet. Every vehicle must be propelled by gravity only and each vehicle must be pushed or pulled up First Street hill by the driver or team. No motorized assistance. There are also maximum limits for weight, height, width and length.

Complete guidelines, rules and entry forms are available at Langley City Hall, Langley Chamber of Commerce or Langley Main Street. The event is open for seniors, adults and children, sponsored by the Langley Community Club and Langley Main Street Association. For more information call 206-498-3774.

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