The Wizards of Weepy Isle, Revival, is Valentine’s weekend

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February 11, 2015

Piper Reva and WINOT?! Productions presents: “The Wizards of Weepy Isle” – Valentine’s weekend at Black Box Theater, Island County Fairgrounds

“The Wizards of Weepy Isle” is a story created by Piper Reva , the over-the-edge Force of Nature playwright / singer-songwriter. It is narrated by Lightning Boy and Cloud Girl, two adorable comical children who will tickle your giggle box to smithereens with their poignant humor. You will also be guided through Space and Time by the immaculate wordsmithery of Nermak, an urban genius who weaves silken concepts throughout the quilt of the production.

Songs by the Hysterical and Humble Lucky Johnny KOTU, who sits on an easy chair with his ukelele, oozing his golden voice through comedic death ballads from The Great Beyond. The main character is Penelope Zazen, a gypsy performance artist whose soul gets lost at sea in a shipwreck. She lands on the shores of Weepy Isle, reincarnated into a meek little creature of innocence, Fuzzy Leopard Mouse. Fuzzy Leopard Mouse is visited by 6 wizards, all quite outlandish characters of Love and Truth, who guide her to reclaim the strength and wisdom lost in the storms of her past, through artful expresssions of paint, song, dance and scripture.

The set is simple. Beautiful. A visual delight of color and symbolic form.

The costumes are playful and elaborate.

The characters are abundant and charismatic.

The plot is pure art.

Each cast member is a visual artist also, with an exhibit in the house, open for viewing and purchase, an hour prior to each performance.

Come see “The Wizards of Weepy Isle” at The Black Box Theater. Island County Fairgrounds. Whidbey Island. Valentine’s Weekend.

Friday Feb 13 .. theater opens 6:30pm
showtime 7pm
Saturday Feb 14 .. theater opens 6:30pm
showtime 7pm
Sunday Feb 15 … theater opens 1:30pm
showtime 2pm

Saturday Feb 14 … 12 – 5PM
Paintings, Gifts, Prints, Textiles, Clothing, cds – original work from the Wizard Crew Craftsmen



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