Touring Whidbey Island while Learning New Photo Skills with Whidbey Photo Adventures

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May 28, 2014

Langley photographer and visual artist Kim Tinuviel has introduced a new and unique way to see our beautiful island—with your camera and Whidbey Photo Adventures. These photos were taken during this guided photo adventure on May 25.

Kim’s inaugural tour group consisted of eleven guest photographers, nine from Whidbey, one from Seattle, and another from Salt Lake City. Photos from five appear below.

01_DWelton_20140525_0020On the beach in Coupeville, Kim explains principles of composition, how to link exposure to focal point and the mystery of the histogram with tour photographers Doug and Moira Whidby. (photo by David Welton)

FramesCoupeville Frame Shop  (photo by John Lovie)

03_DWelton_20140525_0037Coupeville Wharf at low tide  (photo by David Welton)

04_MWhidby_Coupeville-Pier-at-Low-TideCoupeville Pier at low tide  (photo by Moira Whidby)
05_DWelton_20140525_0188Photo Adventurers Rob Felding, Mary K Sanford and Moira Whidby on the beach at Admiralty Bay, applying techniques they have learned to their photography. (photo by David Welton)

06_JLovie_8355_v1Moody skies make great photos. Whidbey Photo Adventures tours are held in all but the worst weather. (photo by John Lovie)

07_MWhidby_Heron-at-KeystoneHeron at Keystone  (photo by Moira Whidby)

08_DWhidbey_Birds-on-a-PierBirds on a Pier  (photo by Doug Whidby)

09_DWelton_20140525_0147Kim demonstrates histograms, metering and exposure compensation to Rob Felding, Leslie Wright and Kris Heineman  (photo by David Welton)

10_DWelton_20140525_0182Multiple vessels ply the waters near Keystone. Kim considers tides and ferry schedules when preparing a Whidbey Photo Adventures itinerary.  (photo by David Welton)


Pilings in Crockett Lake  (photo by Rob Felding)

12_DWhidbey_Chairs-in-LineChairs in a Line  (photo by Doug Whidbey)

13_RFelding_DSC_0058_6Hudson steering wheel  (photo by Rob Felding)


A colorful old truck grille peeks out of the bushes. From long experience photographing rusty old trucks, Kim knows the locations of many of these treasures!  (photo by David Welton)

15_DWhidbey_Chromatic-FordChromatic Ford  (photo by Doug Whidbey)

16_DWelton_20140525_0112Kim Tinuviel leads her tour group to a favorite bluff-top viewpoint. Left to right: John Lovie, Leslie Wright, Sandy Lucero, Mark Lucero, Kris Heineman.  (photo by David Welton)

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