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Visit Artists in Their Natural Habitats at the Open Studio Tour

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For artists, creative space extends beyond their studio walls: It’s a way of observing interior and exterior landscapes. The studio becomes a place to distill, refine, and reflect on an interpretation or move into an abstraction of an idea or concept. As you choose from among the 44 studios and 61 artists participating in this year’s Open Studio Tour, you’ll discover bits and pieces of artists and their art. Is this a solitary artist? Does this artist thrive in social connection? What inspires him or her? What do artists take with them as they begin to work, and what do they shut out?

Artist Deborah Francis Featured at Penn Cove Gallery

by Art News in Community News, Visual Art

Artist Deborah Francis will be at Penn Cove Gallery on Wednesday, September 27, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. demonstrating the tools and techniques she uses in creating her art jewelry. Polymer clay and a variety of metals are her materials of choice. Her joy comes from assembling contrasting textures, colors, and shapes in interesting […]

Penn Cove Gallery Welcomes Artist Francy Blumhagen

by Art News in Community News, Visual Art

Penn Cove Gallery is excited to add the printmaking and collage art of Francy Blumhagen to its collection of local talent. Francy was chosen as the Coupeville Arts Festival T-shirt artist for 2017. The imagery of the natural world—color, pattern, texture, and movement—captivates her as an artist and forms the subjects of her art. Plants […]

Pigments, Perspectives, and Pandas || Pssst. Can I interest You in A Vermeer?

by Anne Belov in Blogs, Visual Art

This weekend marks the fifth year of Forgeries@Froggwell and, in my not-so-humble opinion, it’s going to be a doozy of a show. What began as sort of a visual bón mót has grown to be a much-anticipated biannual event.

The question of “why” always comes up when I talk about the show. One answer is that it’s a whole lot of fun, not to mention a challenge. I can’t answer for every artist in the show, but for me, it boils down to a couple of things: I think that visual artists learn by looking rather than reading about how to do something. Trying to replicate what they see visually requires lots of trial and error, decision-making, and experimentation.