Walking in Wonder || …and ‘wheeling’ when it’s necessary

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March 16, 2016

When I’m able to go walking with no goal in mind except to see what there is to see, I’ll often drop into a state of being that feels like reverence. I call this experience “walking in wonder.” When I take my camera with me, these moments often become a way to celebrate nature’s artwork.


Early Spring blossoms



Birdbath reflecting pool



Nature’s artwork



Monkey tree’s spring bouquet


A recent ankle injury limited the amount of walking I can do, but I found that I can still savor those delightful moments by driving slowly through and around our island towns. From south to north, I let myself stop and enjoy whatever catches my eye—just as I did when walking. I was happily surprised to discover how much fun “wheeling in wonder” is.


Madrone and ivy



Hedge fence abstract



Eagles tending their nest


Driving gave me access to the pleasures of sighting the first signs of spring on the farmlands and fairgrounds, as well as several rural characters along the way.


Newborn on the farm


First sign of spring at the fairgrounds

First sign of spring at the fairgrounds



Strolling along the roadside



Farmyard friendship


I am ever grateful to be living on Whidbey Island these past 20 years; I can’t imagine another place that is more generous with sharing its moments of wonder with us, whether we’re walking, wheeling, or just passing through.

Susan Scott, photographer and author, enjoys daily explorations of Whidbey Island and catching glimpses of extraordinary moments of ordinary life with her camera. www.susanscottphd.com. All text by Susan Scott.


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